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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 March 2017

* A biocompatible stretchable material for brain implants and ‘electronic skin’ >>
* Intel Buying Israeli Self-Driving Car Technology company Mobileye for $15 Billion >>
* Washable heartbeat sensors can now be embroidered onto clothing >>

* The next robot crawling through your gut could be a gummi bear >>
* Bugatti’s $2.2 million yacht has a Jacuzzi and fire pit >>

* Most Americans Are Too Afraid to Ride in Self-Driving Cars >>
* Blue-Collar Marriages Are Disappearing as Quickly as Blue-Collar Jobs >>
* Standalone VR Headsets Powered By Intel’s Project Alloy Will Cost ‘Closer To $1,000’ >>

* Google and Levi’s £280 smart jacket that lets you control your phone by brushing your sleeve will go on sale this year >>
* Forget snow, rain will become main precipitation in the Arctic >>
* People with no mind’s eye may help us boost our creativity >>

* Robot ‘Gita’ on the street >>
* VR Suit Lets You Feel Your Virtual Experience >>
* New Jobs In Marijuana Industry To Eclipse New Manufacturing Jobs By 2020 >>

* Number of VR Companies Grew 40 Percent in 2016 >>
* Microsoft’s HoloLens Readiness Partner Program Comes To The EU >>
* Your clothing could soon have stealthy heart rate sensors >>

* Silicon Valley Computational Drug Startup Takes on Glaucoma >>
* Entanglement of quantum clocks through gravity >>
* Engineers shrink atomic-force microscope to dime-sized device >>

* Brain has more than 100 times higher computational capacity than previously thought, say UCLA scientists >>
* This device may pull water out of thin air, but not as well as we hoped >>
* The World Changing Ideas Of 2017 >>

* The Robot That Can Fold Your Laundry In Less Than Three Minutes >>
* Is Automation To Blame For Jobless Recoveries? >>

* Fast Radio Bursts: Signature of Distant Technology? >>
* “Phantom of the Universe” –Scientists Closing in on the Mystery of the Dark Side of the Cosmos >>
* “Solved!” –Existence of Supermassive Black Holes at Very Dawn of the Universe >>

* Enormous Radio Telescope in China Subject of ‘Impossible Engineering’ | Video >>
* Flight-Sized Boeing Capsule Dropped From Balloon – On-Board Camera Video >>

* Musk-Bezos Billionaire Space Rivalry Just Reached New Heights >>
* IEEE | Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence >>
* Marissa Mayer Will Fly Away From Yahoo for Good With a $23 Million Golden Parachute >>

* Married couples now have sex 11 times fewer each year (from 67 to 56) than in 2002. >>
* Cruise Ships Get High-Tech Makeover >>
* HALF of Arctic ice loss is driven by natural swings and not global warming, controversial study claims >>

* TRAPPIST-1 worlds are close enough for life to hop between them >>
* More people could benefit from BRCA breast cancer drugs >>
* Will Apple release a trio of new tablets next WEEK? >>

* Thousands of people could move to cosmic habitats in just 20 YEARS >>
* SpaceX Zeros In on First Reused Rocket Flight >>
* Space Race 2.0: Boosting Into Orbit Not Just For Superpowers Anymore >>

* Why Is the Speed Of Light Considered The Cosmic Speed Limit? >>
* It’s Official: Game of Thrones’ Eighth Season Will Be Just Six Episodes Long >>

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