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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 March 2017

* Dime-Size Thrusters Could Propel Satellites, Spacecraft >>
* Some aging reversal in appearance, liver, muscle and other functions with cell penetrating peptides in very old mice >>
* Artificial lungs in a backpack may free people with lung failure >>

* Artificial skin with solar cells could power prosthetics >>
* Harvard Develops a Cheap Smartphone Test for Male Fertility >>
* The Battle for Top AI Talent Only Gets Tougher From Here >>

* A Better Way to Organize the Internet: Content-Centric Networking >>
* China working on reusing rocket stages and will try to use parachutes and airbags to recover stages >>
* 5 ways to use AI in your own home >>

* Tissue created with microblood vessel network and integrated the tissue into mice – a major advance for bioprinting organs >>
* Congress Mulls Options for Space Station Beyond 2024 >>
* Navy focused on UAV just for refueling for faster development and deployment >>

* Army testing 100 mph tracked ATV >>
* Infrared-light-based Wi-Fi network is 100 times faster >>
* Robots working in the kitchen >>

* Muji created a sixth pocket for our smartphones; Genius? >>
* Deadly bat fungus has been found in Texas for the first time >>
* Who Killed the Smart Gun? >>

* The Gene Machine: How Genetic Technologies Are Changing the Way We Have Kids >>
* NASA Experiment Could Solve a Mystery About DNA in Space >>
* How Post Intelligence Uses AI And Deep Learning To Help You Not Suck On Social Media >>

* Dell’s next-level 8K monitor is now on sale for $5,000 >>
* Norway To Build World’s First Ship Tunnel >>
* Anti-aging peptide recovers fur growth, kidney health in mice >>

* Photographing an Exoplanet: How Hard Can it Be? >>
* Mars Spacesuits: Designing a Blue-Collar Suit for the Red Planet >>
* Spacex & Nasa Studying 2020 Landing Sites For Dragon >>

* Astronauts Capture Great Views Of Mount Etna Eruption >>
* Portal Proposed that Links Our Visible Standard-Model Universe With the Dark, Invisible Universe >>
* Ceres: Axial Tilt and Surface Ice >>

* China’s low fertility rate will cause policies to shift and IVF to boom to millions per year and then mass embryo selection >>
* NASA to fire 1Gbps laser ‘Wi-Fi’ … into spaaaaace >>
* The Future Of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) >>

* Intel Forms New AI Group Reporting Directly To CEO Brian Krzanich >>
* The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death >>
* Geospatial data and analysis for disaster relief >>

* Lab-grown meat >>
* Age-reversing pill that Nasa wants to give to astronauts on Mars will begin human trials within six months >>
* How-free-speech-can-become-censorship-and-how-to-solve-it >>

* The world’s biggest wind turbine >>
* Robotic fruit packed with sensors could mean you never buy rotten produce again >>
* Edited live vaccine could stop harmful polio outbreaks >>

* Chronic pain and depression are linked by brain gene changes >>
* Recognizing “Mom” Works in Only One Eye at a Time in These Animals >>
* Best evidence yet that hypnotised people aren’t faking it >>

* Major flaws; Google Nest security cameras means burglars can switch them off remotely >>
* Oddball star could be home to long-sought superheavy elements >>
* Indian nuclear power plant is shut down as it contracts ‘SMALLPOX’ >>

* US military is working on a secret project to prevent ISIS from launching autonomous ‘suicide drones’ >>
* Millennials don’t consider themselves adults until they are 30 >>
* Brain scans of people watching movie trailers can predict if it’ll be a hit >>

* Samsung unveils Galaxy S8 teaser trailer for make or break handset >>
* Congress vote may overturn Internet privacy rules >>

* A startup invented this $10,000 house that can be built in one day >>
* NASA will soon launch cube-shaped robots to spy on astronauts >>
* Elon Musk is ‘not smiling’ about the government’s big new plan for NASA >>

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