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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 March 2017

* Stunning Video of Mars That Took Three Months to Stitch Together—by Hand >>
* NASA’s PUFFER Robot Can Explore Extreme Terrains | Video >>
* World’s longest skyscraper promises the ‘big bend’ in the sky >>

* Watch This Guy Catch a Virtual Reality Ball That Turns Out to Be Real >>
* You’re treating jellyfish stings all wrong >>
* Dreamy Slo-Mo Footage of Dolphins Chasing a Boat Will Make Monday Morning More Manageable >>

* The Future Called: We’re Disgusting And Barbaric >>
* This Time-Lapse Of Cell Division Is Utterly Mind-Blowing >>

* Experiential Technology Event Shows How Far VR Has To Go >>
* Liquid batteries could one day cool your processor while powering it >>

* Soon we’ll actually know where planes are as they fly over the ocean >>
* You can now save your Instagram Live streams to your camera roll >>
* Chaos leads to stronger carbon fiber >>

* SpaceX plans global ‘space internet’ >>
* Efficiency of Silicon Solar Cells Climbs >>
* Singapore spends three times less the USA on healthcare and gets better results >>

* World will blow through Two Degree CO2 and have to look at Geoengineering even if all electricity went solar and all cars are electric >>
* Japan, India and China still turning to more coal throughout the 2020s which means more CO2 and air pollution >>

* Netgear’s feature-packed 802.11ad router has dropped to $350 >>
* Instagram now lets you save your live videos to your phone >>
* Here’s the one place where Google Glass is actually thriving >>

* Meet Lorek, the Robot That Communicates in a Remarkable Way >>
* MakerBot says its new print process reduces times and costs by around 30 percent >>
* IBM head of design wields $100M and 1,300 designers to bring design back to IBM >>

* SpaceX is working with NASA to identify landing spots on Mars >>
* Apple could be putting together an augmented reality team >>
* Rethinking the Corporate Love Affair with Change >>

* In 18 Years, A College Degree Could Cost About $500,000 >>
* Openreach’s VR videos detail the humdrum life of a network engineer >>
* Ex-Googlers Build a Neural Network to Protect Your Heart >>

* SpaceX recovers Dragon capsule loaded with science and research from the ISS >>
* Vodafone Creates India’s Biggest Telco, As Jio Races Ahead >>
* The 12 Daily Principles Of Agile Software Development >>

* Why Millennials Are Obsessed With The Apocalypse >>
* HIV breakthrough may help scientists kill sleeping virus cells >>
* ‘Good evening London’: Spectacular image of the capital at night is captured from the International Space Station >>

* Bill Gates named the world’s richest man again fortune of $86billion but Donald Trump falls 220 places >>
* Large Hadron Collider finds FIVE new subatomic particles ‘hiding in plain sight’ >>
* 3D-printed bacteria could make bespoke graphene-like materials >>

* We Might Soon Resurrect Extinct Species. Is It Worth the Cost? >>
* This is Jeff Bezos riding a giant robot >>
* New movies on Netflix in March 2017 >>

* Star in Tight Orbit around Black Hole >>
* Telescope Eyeing Universe’s First Stars Gets (Another) Big Boost >>
* StarTalk Radio with Neil DeGrasse Tyson –“SpaceX Founder Elon Musk Explores the Future of the Human Species” >>

* Why Breath Of The Wild Is The Future Of Blockbuster Games >>
* SXSW 2017: Swapbots Brings Toy Collector Culture To Augmented Reality >>
* SXSW 2017: You’re A Pig Before The Slaughter In This VR Experience >>

* Google Maps is getting useful parking reminders >>

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