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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 March 2017

* This smart gym bag can clean your exercise gear >>
* The self-service car ‘supermarket’ is now a thing >>
* Machine Learning: The New Proving Ground for Competitive Advantage >>

* A ninth planet could be tilting our solar system >>
* Infrared light could someday deliver super-fast WiFi >>
* Our Brains Love New Stuff, and It’s Killing the Planet >>

* The First 3D Printed Cheese Was as Bizarre As You’d Expect >>
* Amazon’s Alexa is coming to your iPhone >>
* Whole-body vibration may be as effective as regular exercise >>

* Thinking Machines: The Quest for Artificial Intelligence–and Where It’s Taking Us Next >>
* Soon, your Roomba will work with Alexa >>
* Machine Intelligence Summit in San Francisco >>

* How DeepMind’s Memory Trick Helps AI Learn Faster >>
* It Begins: Bots Are Learning to Chat in Their Own Language >>
* China Takes Giant Step Toward Launching Its Space Station –“Will It Replace the ISS When Its Retired in 2024?” >>

* First nanoengineered retinal implant could help the blind regain functional vision >>
* Zero2infinity Successfully Test Launches Its Bloostar Prototype >>
* Come watch a supercomputer simulation of a devastating tornado >>

* Chuck Berry was a founding father of the music that shook and shaped the world >>
* ‘The Matrix’ To Return, But Not As A Reboot Or A Sequel >>
* Netflix Intoduces ‘skip Intro’ Button To Help You Binge Watch Better >>

* Amazon will now tell Prime members what to wear via a new “Outfit Compare” feature >>
* Get Ready For The >100 Planet Solar System >>
* Turning down your heat could improve your life >>

* Smartphone Accelerometers Can Be Fooled by Sound Waves >>
* This Self-Poofing Fabric Transforms from T-Shirt to Parka >>
* Did Artificial Intelligence Deny You Credit? >>

* Startup X-energy has started design of a gas-cooled pebble bed modular nuclear reactor >>
* New steel process is faster, lower cost, higher quality, uses 5-10 times less energy and enables new thinner sheets >>
* Used connected cars may still be accessible by past owners >>

* Tesla Is Killing Off Its Cheapest Model S Options Less Than A Year After Introducing Them >>
* Scientists Say This Society Has the Healthiest Hearts on Earth >>
* Researchers Build An AI That’s Better At Reading Lips Than Humans >>

* Peer Into the Post-Apocalyptic Future of Antimicrobial Resistance >>
* Are We Creating A New Frankenstein? >>
* ABC News lets you watch multiple streams on your Apple TV >>

* Tilt gesture keyboard could hold promise for typing in VR >>
* This Hotel in Japan Has Robot Dinosaurs Greet You >>
* Google Home, Now Forcing You To Listen To Adverts With Your Coffee >>

* Google’s new messaging app translates your voice into emoji >>
* Big data, AI, the genome and everything >>
* Dark Matter Did Not Dominate Early Galaxies >>

* You Can Build An Airship In ‘The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’ >>
* The flying car from ‘The Jetsons’ could soon become a reality >>
* Artificial Intelligence Is Learning to Predict and Prevent Suicide >>

* In a few years new Quantum computers from IBM, Google and Microsoft will accelerate breakthroughs in chemistry and materials >>
* Trump’s Budget Is Awful if You’re a Worker, Great if You’re a Robot >>
* Google’s DeepMind made ‘inexcusable’ errors handling UK health data, says report >>

* Trump Dumps Climate Science and Innovation in 2018 Budget Blueprint >>
* Next Japanese solar sail will be 10-15 times bigger than Ikaros solar sail and have a far better ion engine >>
* X-rays Map the 3D Interior of Integrated Circuits >>

* Several tech billionaires are openly or secretely funding broadband mind computer interfacing projects >>
* Point-and-Click Method Makes Robot Grasping Control Less Tedious >>
* Transcranial alternating current stimulation used to boost working memory >>

* Could your favorite pain medicine send you into cardiac arrest? >>
* Computers shouldn’t be just computational tools, but learn like humans, DARPA believes >>
* Google’s new open source JPEG algorithm Guetzli — can dramatically reduce size of JPEG images without loss of quality >>

* DARPA has laid the groundwork for thought-powered prosthetics >>
* Come watch a supercomputer simulation of a devastating tornado >>
* Air Force’s WGS-9 Satellite Launched Atop Delta IV Rocket | Video >>

* Lockheed Martin Has a Laser For the Army >>
* The First Practical Use For Quantum Computers: Chemistry >>
* 1.6 Billion-Year-Old Plant Fossil Found In India >>

* We’ve “Outsmarted” Nature’s Cycles—And It’s Disrupting Our Mental Health >>
* Monster AMD Ryzen 16-Core CPU Could Be On The Way: $1000 Cheaper And Faster Than Intel >>
* A ‘Digital Alchemist’ Unravels the Mysteries of Complexity >>

* A Trip inside the Schizophrenic Mind >>
* Single parents are finding it harder to buy a home >>
* A former Google and Apple exec says most great employees are either ‘rock stars’ or ‘superstars’ — and you can’t manage them the same way >>

* Amazon just released new TV show pilots — here’s what you need to watch >>
* Why this Google engineer gave up on Silicon Valley and moved back to India >>
* 10 weird jobs you probably didn’t know exist >>

* 30-year-old just got $38 million to revolutionise the way we transplant organs >>
* Scientists are adopting a new battle plan in the war against cancer >>

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