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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 March 2017

* Ancient Tooth Plaque Divulges Neanderthal’s Surprisingly Diverse Diets >>
* IBM fits a bit on an atom, eyeing ever-smaller devices 600 terabits per square inch. >>
* Future iPhones to get 4K with new PowerVR graphics architecture >>

* Theory; improvements in VISION were responsible for aquatic ancestors venturing onto land, not evolution of limbs >>
* Self-driving Volkswagen ‘Sedric’ pod unveiled as your futuristic personal chauffeur >>

* Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2017 >>
* This Lab-in-a-Box Could Make Gene Therapy Affordable >>
* Toyota put on a race to find the most-efficient drivers >>

* Neanderthals discovered ‘aspirin’ 50,000 years before us >>
* How to survive an apocalypse: Scientists reveal the seven keys to ‘rebooting civilisation’ >>
* Tesla built a huge solar energy plant on the island of Kauai >>

* Rocket that launches from the AIR: China to develop new projectile >>
* Elon Musk will meet with Trump to talk infrastructure spending >>

* Arctic Sea Ice Continues Its Astonishing Streak of Lows >>
* Google is acquiring data science community Kaggle >>
* Salesforce Einstein AI can generate models automatically >>

* Biofluorescence: A Potential Biosignature for M-Dwarf Planets >>
* ‘I Hope They Take a Camera’: Astronaut Jim Lovell Talks SpaceX Moon Mission >>
* Distant Galaxy’s Stardust Weight is Comparable to 6 Million Suns | Video >>

* Exploring Titan With Balloons And Landers >>
* Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’s Moon Shot, Gets First Paying Customer >>
* Solutions for 802.11p Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) Measurements >>

* SK Telecom Exec Talks 5G Tech, 2017 Trials >>
* Inside DARPA’s Mission to Send a Repair Robot to Geosynchronous Orbit >>

* The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World >>
* How to control robots with your mind >>
* China will use steam catapults on its third aircraft carrier instead of electromagnetic >>
* US plan for 12 large aircraft carriers >>

* TALOS Humanoid Now Available from PAL Robotics >>
* Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing for High-Performance Battery Management Systems >>
* X-Tesla manager wil make a Swedish Gigabattery factory >>

* Scientists Finally Observed Time Crystals—But What the Hell Are They? >>
* Republicans Actually Named an Obamacare Replacement Bill the ‘World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017’ >>
* Piano-Playing Robot Virtuoso Is the Child Your Parents Always Wanted >>

* Feeling authentic in a relationship comes from being able to be your best self, not your actual self >>
* Republicans Starting to Think the NSA Has Too Much Surveillance Power >>
* Scientists Have Created the First Artificial Embryo Without Using an Egg or Sperm >>

* It’s Not Just You, Americans Seem to Be Having Less Sex >>
* The Most Advanced Weather Satellite Has a Mind-Blowing Lightning Mapper >>
* Airbus unveils an autonomous, modular flying car concept >>

* Facebook’s Gear VR app helps you find 360 photos and video >>
* Netflix And Hulu Are At War With The Cable Industry. It’s About To Get Ugly. >>
* Android may soon beat Windows as the world’s most popular OS >>

* Feeling AI Anxiety? 41% of Americans Fear Getting Replaced by Tech >>
* Reaching new records in speech recognition >>
* How Did Aborigines Get to Australia? DNA Helps Solve a Mystery >>

* Billionaires-in-space-a-return-to-golden-age-of-exploratio >>
* Machine learning reveals lack of female screen time in top films >>
* What Are Fast Radio Bursts? >>

* Pendant device turns your voice into text >>
* Millions of kids are being shaped by know-it-all voice assistants >>
* Inside NASA’s daring $8 billion plan to finally find extraterrestrial life >>

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