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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 March 2017

* Airbus reveals a modular, self-piloting flying car concept >>
* Blue Origin reveals the ‘New Glenn’ takeoff and landing sequence in new video >>
* Hyperloop One shares DevLoop images, inches closer to first full test >>

* In Hospital ICUs, AI Could Predict Which Patients Are Likely to Die >>
* Quantum machine learning over infinite dimensions >>
* Meet Flippy, a burger grilling robot from Miso Robotics and CaliBurger >>

* Does a Time Capsule Blasted Into Space Have a Better Chance at Surviving 100 Years? >>
* Blue Origin’s next rocket may finally get sea legs >>
* This is how your brain constructs emotions >>

* What’s Edgier Than a Flying Robocar? >>
* IBM Expanding Cloud Quantum Computer Tenfold >>
* Drought-Stricken Chinese City Proposes Mega Pipeline to Pump Water From Siberia >>

* Scientists discover how tiny microbes hitch rides on raindrops to get around >>
* Best anti-ageing exercise is high intensity interval training >>
* Quantum Microscope Spies on Chemical Reactions in Real Time >>

* Physicists extend quantum machine learning to infinite dimensions >>
* How AI Is Changing The Way Companies Are Organized >>
* Android is About To Eclipse Windows as the World’s Most-Used Operating System >>

* NASA Marks 50 Space Station Expeditions >>
* NOAA’s satellites are on the chopping block. Here’s why we need them. >>
* The Big Bang Was Not A Single Point In Time >>

* New Satellite Beams Back Its 1st Photo of Lightning from Space >>
* Towards A New Understanding Of Dark Matter >>
* 40,000 Galaxies In the COSMOS Field –“Reveal Evolution of the Cosmic Web” >>

* Amoeba-Like Robot Programmed With DNA >>
* UGC 12591: The Fastest Rotating Galaxy Known >>
* New Python compatible compiler to program neuromorphic chips for vision, speech, motion control and adaptive robotic control >>

* A Third Of The Dark Web Has Vanished >>
* ‘Robo Recall’ delivers the Oculus Rift experience that could take VR mainstream >>
* Millions of kids are being shaped by know-it-all voice assistants >>

* New Materials Could Turn Water into the Fuel of the Future and puts chemical fuels from sunlight on the fast track to commercial viability >>
* Gravitational wave detection with optical lattice atomic clock >>
* The Dark Web Is Disappearing >>

* Hyperloop One in talks with India >>
* Simplicity of Megatsunami’s triggered by Tsar Bomba class nuclear devices >>
* Time After Time May Be Your New Bad TV Obsession >>

* Sex Makes Life Better, Study Says >>
* Yes, having sex makes you better at your job >>
* Science shows eye contact is so powerful, it can make you lose connection with reality >>

* Ever Want Image Search For Google Earth? This AI-Driven Tool Does That >>
* A 3D-Printed, PIN-Protected Door Lock Won’t Protect Your Home But it Sure Looks Cool >>

* In war, it’s not just your allies that matter—their allies matter too. And so do theirs. >>
* Risk-taking teens’ brains seem to disregard past bad outcomes >>
* What Your Core Really Is and How to Strengthen It >>

* British TV streaming service BritBox launches in U.S. >>
* Google Assistant learns how to read texts as its prime-time rollout continues >>
* Laser Technology Provides Closer Look at Winged Dinosaurs >>

* MongoDB’s Atlas database service goes freemium >>
* IBM Watson Takes On Autism >>
* How to Beat the Robots >>
* Sick of the real world? 1 in 5 Brits would trade in their lives to live in virtual reality >>

* Oldest, biggest black holes may have come from enormous stars >>
* A film, a computer operating system, a virus AND an Amazon gift card are all stored on a single piece of DNA >>
* Experts say these 5 skills are ‘robot proof’ >>

* Artificial Intelligence Is Not a Threat—Yet >>
* It may be time for a tech tax >>
* This new breathalyzer measures fat loss >>

* IBM, Salesforce join AI forces with Watson, Einstein >>
* Sentinel-2B satellite launched to photograph Earth >>
* Four gadgets for your favourite pet >>

* An exercise scientist demonstrates how to perform the perfect pull-up — and the moves that will make it easier >>
* Finland just launched a radical experiment in giving people free money — here’s how 5 residents are using their extra cash >>
* Scientists are beginning to rethink where Earth’s water came from >>

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