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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 November 2017

* DNA uses bases A,G,C,and T. Can be extended X,Y.. >>
* U.S. scientists take step toward creating artificial life >>

* Found! 72 Unseen Galaxies Found Hiding in Plain Sight >>
* Amazon’s AWS DeepLens is an AI camera for developers >>
* Associative memory AI aids in the battle against financial crime >>

* Microsoft’s Redmond HQ is getting a multi-billion dollar makeover >>
* AI Is Dreaming Up New Kinds of Video Games >>
* Controllable Cyborg Beetles for Swarming Search and Rescue >>

* Undoing Aging with Molecular and Cellular Damage Repair >>
* Earthworms are thriving in Martian(ish) soil >>
* Can’t wait for 5G? Don’t then, Gigabit LTE will be around for ages >>

* Bitcoin’s price is collapsing and people can’t trade because 2 big exchanges have crashed >>
* Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy >>
* Electric planes could be closer to reality than you think >>

* International Robot Exhibition 2017 >>
* Toyota’s humanoid robot helper mirrors its controller >>
* Researchers Have Created an AI System That Teaches Itself New Languages >>

* Oculus’ reworked VR interfaces will be ready to test in December >>
* Monkeys controlling robot arms with their minds show how brains can be reprogrammed >>
* Take a series of classes on machine learning taught by former Google engineers >>

* DUO: Connecting the home to the hospital >>
* Intel and Warner Bros. are teaming up to build in-cabin entertainment for autonomous cars >>
* Intel wants to splash advertising (and Batman) on the screens of self-driving cars >>

* The motion capture suit for DOGS >>
* A bacterium has been engineered to make ‘unnatural’ proteins >>
* VR headsets top 1 million for the first time in Q3 >>

* New 3-D printer is 10 times faster than commercial counterparts >>
* AI Goes Bilingual — Without a Dictionary >>
* Shonda Rhimes talks move from network TV to Netflix >>

* Toyota’s upgraded safety system detects pedestrians at night >>
* This Is How To Thrive In The Gig Economy >>
* The AI Guru Behind Amazon, Uber, and Unity Explains What AI Really Is >>

* Amazon Transcribe is a sophisticated transcribing service for AWS >>
* Amazon introduces an AWS graph database service called Amazon Neptune >>
* AWS adds Global Tables feature to share data across multiple geographies >>

* Facebook is testing a ‘breaking news’ tag for developing stories >>
* BBC iPlayer to host a ton of TV box sets this Christmas >>

* 800 million workers worldwide will lose their jobs to robots by 2030 >>
* Android creator Andy Rubin is taking leave from Essential after “inappropriate relationship” probe at Google is revealed >>
* Elon Musk’s Tunnel Through L.A. Just Happens To Go From His House To His Office >>

* 4 Strange New Ways to Compute >>
* First Spacex Falcon Heavy Launch slips to January 2018 >>
* Digital Big Brothers – China tripling surveillance cameras by 2020, UK and US also have mass surveillance >>

* Simultaneous Touchless Monitoring of Several Patients’ Vital Signs >>
* Medal predictions for Winter Olympics in February 2018 >>
* Battery Storage Will Offer Grid Support as Puerto Rico Recovers >>

* Interview on 5000 qubit quantum system and paths to general purpose quantum computers >>
* How We Could Explore That Interstellar Asteroid >>
* Physicists keep striking out in the search for dark matter >>

* Microsoft plans a major overhaul of its Redmond campus >>
* Why the YouTube of AR won’t be YouTube >>

* Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO more concerned with user experience than rival Tesla >>
* Jingle bells, IBM tells more staff it is D-day >>
* Samsung hired ‘The Piano’ composer to write a score for a movie about a washing machine >>

* Samsung picks up another AI firm to boost Bixby’s brains >>
* North Korea’s Latest Missile Test Puts The Entire Us In Range >>
* The Physics Behind The Strange Interstellar Asteroid ‘oumuamua >>

* Potential new baldness cure can regrow new hair and generate damaged skin >>
* Thinking About Saturn After Cassini >>
* Avengers Infinity War looks like it will deliver on the decade long buildup >>

* The Economics of Paid Parental Leave >>
* Weird tiny galaxies found hiding in Hubble’s Ultra Deep Field >>
* Technology firms are an ‘existential threat to human race’ and have more influence on people than RELIGION >>

* Yeti mystery is finally solved: DNA evidence suggests ancient samples of the ‘abominable snowman’ belong to bears >>
* Rocket Lab to stream next month’s Electron launch over the internet >>
* Amazon founder Jeff Bezos interview from 1999 is pure gold >>

* SpaceX will fly cargo to the space station on a used Falcon 9 rocket, NASA confirms >>
* This Furby speaks Alexa and it’s horrifying >>

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