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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 November 2017

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* Las Vegas’ self-driving bus crashes in first hour of service >>
* Using 64 watts instead of 10,000 for solar power cellular base station for last billion people >>
* AI Startup Embodied Intelligence Wants Robots to Learn From Humans in Virtual Reality >>

* SpinX Toilet-Cleaning Robot Does Your Dirty Work >>
* A Data Bus for Quantum Computers >>
* How India Is Moving Toward a Digital-First Economy >>

* Multi-Physics Simulation; key component of a superior Digitalization strategy for the Electronics industry >>
* Ground Based Augmentation to achieve Millimeter GPS accuracy >>
* AI pioneer Chris Boos talks about the future of machine learning >>

* This mirror will help you put your best face forward >>
* Now Amazon wants to take over the furniture business >>

* Light-Up Pajamas to Treat Babies With Jaundice >>
* Perfectly secure quantum communication >>
* Russia buying more ground combat robots >>

* Services like Talkspace offer connected help from mental-health professionals. >>
* The Force is strong with this ‘Star Wars’ controller >>
* This 3D-Printing Lab Is Iowa’s Entry Into A $140 Billion Industry >>

* UberEATS now includes restaurant ratings and recommended dishes >>
* NASA insists its Mars rocket will still launch in 2019 >>
* Intel nabs AMD’s Radeon chief to make high-end graphics chips >>

* Why a Gen-X CEO Hired a Millennial to Help Him Keep a Learning Mindset >>
* Philippine Outsourcing Industry Braces For AI >>
* Apple has acquired imaging sensor startup InVisage Technologies >>

* Building a natural language processing library for Apache Spark >>
* SteamVR is coming to Windows Mixed Reality next week >>
* Your Strategy Should Be a Hypothesis You Constantly Adjust >>

* New silicon ‘Neuropixels’ probes record activity of hundreds of neurons simultaneously >>
* Scientists Net a Shark from the “Age of the Dinosaurs” (VIDEO) >>
* How Vintage Rocket Tech Could Be NASA’s Ticket to Mars and Beyond >>

* AI experts says supporting people through retraining will help the transition them from AI eliminated jobs >>
* NASA’s Search for Alien Planets Transforms Our View of the Milky Way >>
* Tesla buys automation company to mitigate production delays >>

* NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory Spies a Strange ‘Circle’ on the Sun >>
* Air New Zealand keeps tabs on cargo with Bluetooth >>
* A mirror exposes AI’s inherent flaws in ‘Untrained Eyes’ >>

* Jaron Lanier Can Hear the Digital Future >>
* A SpaceX rocket engine exploded during a ‘qualification test’ in Texas >>
* This tactile tech is helping the blind experience the magic of fireworks >>

* 32 mph record for human body controlled jet engine powered suit >>
* Stressful situations really DO mess with your memory making it harder to pinpoint when and where events took place >>
* Dinosaurs would have survived an asteroid impact 66 million years ago if it had hit ‘almost anywhere else’ and produced a less deadly cloud of soot >>

* Brain chips that allow you to delete memories and fight disease will create a new breed of SUPERHUMANS in 15 years >>
* Visual skills aren’t connected to your I.Q. >>
* Chocolate and red wine ‘are the secret to beating wrinkles’: Scientists find both help rejuvenate old cells >>

* How heatwaves cook people alive and kill in TWENTY SEVEN different painful ways including brain damage, liver failure and heart attacks >>
* Robots could replace 48,000 Deutsche Bank employees >>

* The chemical breakthrough that could mean salad dressing that NEVER seperates >>
* AT&T CEO: ‘No intention’ of selling CNN for DOJ approval of $85.4B Time Warner bid >>
* Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett own more wealth than the poorest half of the US >>

* Iron man flight sets first world record >>
* Disney tried to hide the Millennium Falcon with shipping containers >>
* These $2 million floating homes will be able to withstand Category 4 hurricanes >>

* 11 high-paying jobs that are disappearing in the US >>
* You Can Play Your Nintendo Switch In VR With BigScreen >>
* How 25 years of AI development and messy reality shape Football Manager >>

* NASA’s New Plane Design Is a Simple, Brilliant Fuel-Saver >>
* Alphabet’s Project Loon delivers internet service to 100,000 people in Puerto Rico >>
* Former SpaceX worker reveals 7 outrageous perks Elon Musk gives employees >>

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