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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 November 2017

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* Old human cells rejuvenated in breakthrough discovery on ageing >>
* Subatomic Discovery That Physicists Considered Keeping Secret >>
* A galaxy almost as old as the Big Bang itself was just discovered >>

* Hawking: AI could be ‘worst event in the history of our civilization’ >>
* Stephen Hawking: Earth could become ‘ball of fire’ within 600 years >>
* Dinosaur Extinction Triggered Switch of Mammals from Nocturnal to Daytime Activity >>

* Would insurance firms pay out if your driverless car got hacked? >>
* Would you cook your steak in a water tank? >>
* A Laser-Powered Ion Engine for Deep Space >>

* Scientists decipher mechanisms in cells for extending human longevity >>
* The networking industry is undergoing rapid change, with intent-based networking >>
* To keep up with demand, AI may have to build itself >>

* Are Holograms The Future Of How We Capture Memories? >>
* Waymo is first to put fully self-driving cars on US roads without a safety driver >>

* Oldest Spiral Galaxy Ever Seen May Reveal Secrets About the Milky Way >>
* Life May Have Been in Existence for 13 Billion Years –Early Universe Functioned as an Incubator >>
* Earth’s Nearest Neighbor May Harbor More Planets >>

* Non-Browning Genetically Modified Apple Reaches U.S. Stores >>
* Artificial Intelligence Is Putting Ultrasound On Your Phone >>

* Five firms aim to power moon-orbiting way station to deep space >>
* ‘Smart’ paper conducts electricity and detects leaky pipes >>
* Artificial Sweeteners Are Used to Track Water Pollution >>

* NASA’s future Mars robot will take the fastest pictures yet of the red planet >>
* Las Vegas has a new self-driving shuttle service to get people used to driverless vehicles >>
* Apple Pay Cash launches in beta today >>

* Microsoft releases its £450 Xbox One X >>
* $999 iPhone X costs Apple just $357.50 to make, experts reveal >>
* iPhone X is ‘the most breakable ever’ drop tests reveal >>

* Cancer research – how a traffic jam causes tumor growth >>
* Sleepless Night Leaves Some Brain Cells As Sluggish As You Feel >>
* WOMB transplants could allow men to have babies expert >>

* Lab Chimps Are Moving to Sanctuaries — Slowly >>
* 4 genes affect length of survival with pancreatic cancer >>
* China’s dreadful air pollution seems to have got a bit better >>

* It’s possible for one person to have two different sets of DNA — here’s how it happens >>
* Xbox One X: Microsoft chief hints future games could run exclusively on 4K console >>
* NASA’s $1 billion Jupiter probe just sent back stunning new photos of the gas giant >>

* Scientists are figuring out how to turn volcanoes into power stations >>
* Neuroscientists have discovered an important clue about how we push away negative thoughts >>
* Netflix is sliding following Disney report >>

* Facebook introduces a Messenger plugin for business websites >>
* Google Street View cars drove 100,000 miles to suck up pollution data >>
* AWS adopts home-brewed KVM as new hypervisor >>

* Spending 45 Days Inside A Fake Spaceship In The Name Of Science >>
* Farmers In India Are Using AI To Increase Crop Yields >>
* Study shows paraplegics felt reduced phantom after VR touch tests >>

* MINIX: Intel’s Hidden In-chip Operating System >>
* Major internet outage hits the U.S. >>
* Big tech goes five for five >>

* This smart lighting system is a work of art that you can customize to glow and pulse to the beat of music >>
* Fast Forward — The Nanotech Debate Is Over >>
* Governments urged by artificial intelligence researchers to ban killer robots >>

* Valens Automotive Offers Carmakers One Cable To Rule Them All >>
* US Air Force gives Lockheed $26.3 million to put lasers onto fighter jets by 2021 >>
* Extending Healthy Human Lifespan is Near >>

* China Province of Jiansu will genome sequence one million people within two years >>
* Bitcoin’s Biggest Tech Player to Release AI Chips and Computers >>
* China’s future satellite navigation will be millimeter accurate >>

* Ocean of Enceladus Has Been Heated for Billions of Years –A Chemical Feast for Microbes (VIDEO) >>
* Cutting-edge Astronomy Confirms Most Ancient Galaxy To Date >>
* Why Apple should take the plunge and buy Netflix >>

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