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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 December 2017

* Could the US Stop Nuclear Weapons? >>
* A.I. uses cars to predict neighborhood’s politics >>
* Is the Hyperloop headed for the windy city? >>

* Elon Musk’s Boring Co. to bid on Chicago airport transit link >>
* Google lets developers find 3D assets without leaving VR >>
* Jim Beam’s AI-powered Assistant Pours You Shot After Shot >>

* Through location-based ads, anyone can track your movements for just $1,000 >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Nov. 29, 2017: Dean Regas’ “100 Things To See In The Night Sky” >>
* Perovskites Challenge Quantum Dots as Champion Emitters of Light >>

* AWS re:INVENT 2017 >>
* Amazon launches AWS Cloud9, a browser-based IDE for cloud developers >>
* WeWork has big plans for Alexa for Business >>
* Amazon wants Alexa to be your new office assistant >>
* Amazon’s AI camera helps developers harness image recognition >>
* AWS adds dedicated analytics service for IoT data >>
* Alexa is arriving in Australia and New Zealand early next year >>
* Amazon adds in-skill purchases to Alexa >>
* AWS launches translation services >>

* GM to launch self-driving vehicles in big U.S. cities by 2019 >>
* Equator Trap May Complicate Search for Alien Life >>
* China completing small floating and submersible nuclear reactors around 2020 >>

* Velodyne LiDAR helps self-driving cars operate at highway speeds >>
* SpaceX’s Planned Giant Rocket Could Chase Down Interstellar Asteroid >>
* Scientists Are Using a Particle Accelerator to Unwrap a Mummy’s Secrets >>
* How Elon Musk Brought the World’s Biggest Battery to Rural Australia >>

* US hypersonic missiles more advanced but Russia maybe closer to deployment >>
* GM Demos Robocars in San Francisco >>
* 109 Microwave Towers Bring the Internet to Remote Alaska Villages >>

* Google and UCSB achieve 3D integration of Superconducting qubits >>
* 3D Printing’s Versatility Enables Medical Innovation >>
* MTC Develops Simulation App to Revolutionize Design for Additively Manufactured Parts >>

* Artificial “Swarm Intelligence” Says Vladimir Putin Will be TIME’s Person of the Year >>
* New nanomaterial, quantum encryption system could be ultimate defenses against hackers >>
* These Cutting-Edge Farms Are Pioneering Ways To Reduce Their Water >>

* Economies of China, USA, India from 2017 to 2030 >>
* Comcast will charge for internet fast lanes when net neutrality is repealed >>
* Two New Simulators Tease Future of Quantum Computing >>

* Holiday Gift Guide 2017 >>
* Mozilla’s open source voice recognition tool nears human-like accuracy >>
* American Airlines panic: Every pilot was allowed to take Christmas vacation >>

* MIT’s AIM Photonics Academy looks to expand >>
* Bomb on Board Wi-Fi Network Causes Turkish Airlines Flight To Be Diverted >>
* Facebook will temporarily disable a tool that lets advertisers exclude people of color >>

* Get local help with your Google Assistant >>
* This tent-like machine turns your food scraps into cooking gas >>
* New Vaccine and Drug Trials Could Buoy Fight Against HIV >>

* Microsoft’s Edge browser is now available for Android and iOS >>
* Prepare for the New Paywall Era >>
* This robotic arm literally sucks at lifting up >>

* This kller whale-inspired watercraft is the aquatic equivalent of aerobatic airplanes >>
* Robots Made from Algae, Powered by Magnets Can Kill Cancer, Swim Through Blood >>
* Facebook Should Launch a Cryptocurrency >>

* Rugged New Computers Could Lead to First Trip to Venus since 1985 >>
* Two Melting Glaciers Could Decide The Fate Of Our Coastlines >>
* Verizon’s 5G internet is coming in 2018, but it’s not what you think it is >>

* Take to the skies at Disrupt Berlin >>
* Google’s new data-tracking app could save money on your mobile bill >>
* Nasdaq Plans To Offer Bitcoin Futures In Early 2018 >>

* NASA is gearing up a new rover for a mission to find evidence of life on Mars >>
* Monitoring activity in the geosynchronous belt >>
* BBC launches VR division with ISS spacewalk experience >>

* Pixelmator’s AI-driven Photoshop rival is ready for your Mac >>
* HTC’s latest VR investments include a brain control startup >>
* Tetris’ is coming to Facebook’s Messenger >>

* Hyperconvergence gathers speed in 2018 >>
* Why 2018 will be the year of the WAN >>
* Wi-Fi in 2018: What will the future look like? >>

* The Last Jedi arrives, plus 26 other movies coming this December >>
* The Case for Not Being Born >>
* Air New Zealand’s hilarious new Christmas greeting makes fun of the country’s accent >>

* Ozone Problematic for Biosignature Detection >>
* Oddly Behaving Blobs Beneath Earth’s Surface Finally Explained >>

* NASA Launches New Phase of 3D Habitat Challenge with $2 Million Prize >>
* China’s Dark-Matter Satellite Detects Strange, Unexpected Signal –“New Physical Phenomena Beyond Our Current Understanding” >>

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