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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 November 2017

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* Everything We Know About The Truck Tesla Will Unveil Tonight >>
* Gene therapy infused into persons blood to correct liver enzymes >>
* China wants to build a nuclear-powered space shuttle by 2040 >>

* This AI Learns Your Fashion Sense and Invents Your Next Outfit >>
* Algorithm outdoes radiologists at spotting pneumonia in X-rays >>
* Spacefab bootstrapping higher resolution space telescopes and then manufacturing in space at asteroids >>

* China is building a mach 40 wind tunnel to test hypersonic weapons >>
* The latest free streaming TV service: Your public library >>
* Duolingo can now help you learn Chinese >>

* Tesla unveils its largest Supercharger station in the US — and it kind of looks like a truck stop >>
* How Optogenetics May Pave a Radically New Way to Curing Brain Disorders >>

* Cylance debuts consumer version of its AI based antivirus software >>
* The commute of the future could be really sweaty >>

* Google launches a paid enterprise edition of its Dialogflow chatbot builder >>
* 21st century peace from aging populations, debt, pension and medical costs >>
* Virgin Hyperloop One lines up two preliminary studies in India >>

* Netgear routers now feature Disney’s parental controls >>
* Elon Musk’s ‘Scientific Method’ >>
* 280-Million-Year-Old Fossil Forest Discovered in Antarctica >>

* £2,000 iBubble underwater drone camera follows you beneath >>
* Puppies that interact with different textures within six weeks of birth are better behaved >>
* Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait of Christ sells for a record breaking $450.3 million >>

* Bet you never thought to hide your car keys here >>
* NBC will live stream a record 1,800 hours of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games >>
* Controlling this drone feels like having telekinetic powers >>

* Vimeo can stream videos in 8K and HDR >>
* Phone-chip Designer Tackles ‘industrial’ Internet Of Things >>
* The tools that make TensorFlow productive >>

* FDA approves an electrical device to help ease opioid withdrawal >>
* The Littler Fire Engine That Could Make Cities Safer >>
* Hollywood strikes back against illegal streaming Kodi add-ons >>

* Algorithmia now helps businesses manage and deploy their machine learning models >>
* IBM Watson Video Series – Watson Data Platform >>
* Groups urge IBM not to use AI to help Trump deport immigrants >>

* Adam Crowl looks at details of sending Spacex BFR to the moon and Titan >>
* Slate reports that Bill Gates investment in Arizona land is a regular real estate investment >>
* IBM says its new free service will help keep IoT devices safe from hackers >>

* Nearly every job is becoming more digital — Brookings study >>
* Viewing the Universe as the Output of a 13.7-Billion Year Computation >>
* NASA’s New James Webb Space Telescope Just Got Its 1st Science Targets >>

* Inside The Race To Build A Brain-machine Interface >>
* Implementing The Pipes and Filters Pattern using Actors in Akka for Java >>
* Kodi Addon Developers Quit Following Threats From MPA, Netflix, Amazon >>

* Material with helium ‘veins’ paves way for fusion reactors >>
* Tesla reveal electric semi truck tomorrow >>
* NASA expert says we will find alien life within 20 YEARS, outlines its search for ET >>

* OnePlus 5T ($499) is capable iPhone rival at half the price >>
* New Nasa Tool Measures Ice Melt To Predict Extent Of Flooding In Cities >>

* Phoning E.T.: Message Sent to Nearby Planet That Could Host Life >>
* People who think they exercise less than their peers die earlier, regardless of their actual activity levels >>

* Spacex’s Top Secret Zuma Mission Launches Today >>
* SpaceX is about to launch ‘Zuma,’ a top-secret satellite that’s shrouded in mystery >>
* Ownerless Super Secret Zuma Spysat Set For Dark Veiled Dark Night Spacex Blastoff And Land Landing Nov. 16: Watch Live >>

* The ‘Big Five’ could destroy the tech ecosystem >>
* Neuroscientists Are Trying to Alter Our Brain Circuits to Eradicate Pain >>
* Virgin Hyperloop One is now eyeing India for possible high-speed routes >>

* Wi-Fi on some international flights is about to get much better >>
* Scientists Have Found the First Ever Anti-Aging Genetic Mutation >>
* Why Companies Operating at the Periphery of Legality are Indicators of Future Technological Disruption >>

* A Stable Plasma Ring Has Been Created in Open Air For the First Time Ever >>
* Chicago’s most exciting thrill ride lets you lean over the edge of a skyscraper at 1,000 feet >>
* Apology after Japanese train departs 20 seconds early >>

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