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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 November 2017

* Google’s AI knows when a stranger is looking at your phone >>
* AWS launches new partner programs for networking and machine learning specialists >>
* Samsung is making it easier for color-blind people to watch TV >>

* 2 wingsuit flyers BASE jump into a plane in mid-air. >>
* Microsoft’s AI language app will give you a friend to practice Chinese with >>
* Could a lullaby written by an AI help you fall asleep? Robot-created tune claims to help cure insomnia >>

* Windows 10’s ‘Timeline’ continuity tool arrives soon for Insiders >>
* Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 experiment: Running apps in tabs >>
* Microsoft Windows ‘Sets,’ tabbed app interface that puts web browser everywhere >>

* Scientists create cyborg monkeys that can control robotic arms with thought >>
* The Mad Science of Creativity >>
* Bitcoin Just Passed $10,000. It’s Officially One of the World’s 30 Largest Currencies. >>

* Here’s When Android 8.0 Oreo Is Coming to Your Current Phone >>
* Waymo’s autonomous cars have driven 4 million miles >>
* Researchers create a light-based key distribution system for quantum encryption >>

* How a fiery matter-antimatter union may lead to limitless energy >>
* Analysis of global warming fix that is 100 times cheaper and technically simple >>
* Magnetically-Controlled Organic Microbots Could Change Medicine in the Next Decade >>

* Google just added a Finance tab to help you keep tabs on your finances >>
* SpaceX is now worth $21.5 billion >>
* Facebook prototypes Messenger Broadcast for businesses >>

* Far From Radio Interference, the Square Kilometre Array Takes Root in South Africa and the Australian Outback >>
* Velodyne Unveils Monster Lidar With 128 Laser Beams >>
* By 2020, upgrades to gravity wave detectors will detect one to two neutron star collisions per month >>

* Dawn of the New Everything: Encounters with Reality and Virtual Reality >>
* Super robot muscles for lifting 1000 times its own weight >>
* Not flowing water on Mars but flowing Sand >>

* What I Learned from the People who Built the Atom Bomb >>
* This Device Will Detect The Dangerous Chemicals In Your Tap Water >>
* Japanese bitcoin exchange bitFlyer is coming to the U.S >>

* Google offers real-time search data for news, images and video >>
* Schizophrenia may start in the womb >>
* Are scientists FINALLY on the verge of beating dementia? >>

* Newly Tested Parachute Could Land Cubesats Without Thrusters >>
* Every Time Lightning Strikes, Matter-antimatter Annihilation Happens Too >>
* The legal quagmire of creativity in artificial intelligence >>

* Mystery of Newly Detected Colossal Planets –“Some as Big as Stars” >>
* Watch the First 17 Minutes of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ in Space Early! >>
* Elon Musk: Say ‘Sweet Dreams,’ Humanity >>

* Bitcoin $10,000 milestone is very near >>
* Update on rail plans in China, ASEAN and across Russia to Europe >>
* Tech Breakthrough Could Transform The Oil Sector >>

* Japan approves two more nuclear reactors to restart >>
* You’d be surprised how often space junk falls out of the sky >>
* Volcanic eruptions are incredibly hard to predict. Here’s why. >>

* Is it possible to eat so much that your stomach explodes? >>
* Researchers use CRISPR to create the world’s tiniest tape recorder >>
* Daisy Ridley Charms Her Way Thru Q&A While Building LEGO Millennium Falcon >>

* Alexa developers can now personalize apps based on users voices >>
* The cult hit ‘Desert Bus’ make its triumphant return in virtual reality >>

* Apple launches a new YouTube channel offering device tutorials >>
* Airbnb’s split payments option is now available to all group travel >>
* Optimus Ride will provide self-driving vehicles to Boston community residents >>

* Mapping company Here buys ATS to boost its over-the-air tech >>
* MIT and Harvard create cheap artificial muscles with super strength >>

* China’s race for artificial-intelligence technology may give military edge over US >>
* North Korea fires new ballistic missile, South Korea says >>
* YouTube videos can now play directly inside your WhatsApp chats >>

* Increased activity at Area 51 may be sign of new B-21 stealth bomber being tested >>
* Scientists Race To Regrow Lost Knee Cartilage >>

* HDMI 2.1 can support 10K resolution, assuming devices ever catch up >>
* Future smartphones could fully charge in minutes with Samsung’s new battery technology >>

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