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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 November 2017

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* Virtual cocktails hijack your senses to turn water into wine >>
* Onboard Computers and Sensors Could Stop the Next Car-Based Attack >>
* This Smartphone is a shrunken-down gaming laptop >>

* Stephen Hawking: Robots will replace humans completely >>
* Dec 29, 2017 target launch date for Spacex Falcon Heavy >>

* Phone sensors can save lives by revealing what floor you are on >>
* Our devices are getting smarter. Even our wine dispensers. >>
* How much faster will quantum computers be ? >>

* The Future of Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Society >>
* Neuromation interview – Blockchain for Artificial Intelligence >>
* Technology breakthrough will let China’s aircraft carrier use electromagnetic jet launching system >>

* Four Automakers Team Up To Create an Electric Car Charging Network Across Europe >>
* Black Friday deals on Amazon are already rolling out >>
* As Sex Accusations Flood Social Media, Lawyers Gear Up for Suits >>

* A glimpse of a bold new future: Notes Session 2 TEDWomen 2017: Design >>
* While You Were Offline: What Is Twitter Without Trump? >>

* Jeff Bezos Just Sold $1.1 Billion in Amazon Stock >>
* New magnetism-control method could lead to ultrafast, energy-efficient computer memory >>
* China makes Asia’s most powerful automated island maker >>

* Ditch All Those Other Messaging Apps: Here’s Why You Should Use Signal >>
* 3D gel stacks can grow enough stem cells to treat brain disease >>
* Quantifying the driverless startup boom >>

* Shoppers More Likely To Return Items Bought Online Than in Store >>
* iPhone X teardown finds major changes inside the gleaming exterior >>
* Mars 2020 rover will observe the red planet with 23 eyes >>

* Jump start your car without asking anyone for help >>
* iPhone X review: Embrace the new normal >>
* Sony’s new and improved robot dog is giving us nostalgia >>

* Top Google Researcher Makes an AI Breakthrough >>
* Facebook adds a new poll feature to News Feed >>
* You Too Can Fly A Spacecraft Around Mars—with Physics! >>

* The world’s largest telescope will unlock the universe’s oldest secrets >>
* We Tried Really Hard To Beat Face Id—and Failed (So Far) >>
* Apple’s revenue suggests growth in Apple Pay, Apple Music >>

* Eric Schmidt and Bob Work: Our AI ‘Sputnik Moment’ Is Now >>
* How We Used VR to Explore What Music Feels Like to a Deaf Person >>
* Xbox One X review: A surprising amount of power in a very small box >>

* A New Way to Find Bugs in Self-Driving AI Could Save Lives >>
* New Laser Technique Promises Photonic Devices Inside of Silicon >>
* Adding Nanodiamonds for safer lithium batteries by preventing fires >>

* Inside Waymo’s secret site where driverless cars are tested >>
* Navy wide incompetence and not hacking caused the recent US Navy collisions >>
* Holograms and virtual doctors in our medical future >>

* Why the ‘end of the startup era’ could be great for entrepreneurs >>
* Dispatches from the cutting edge of computer vision >>
* Net States Rule The World; We Need To Recognize Their Power >>

* AR Is On The Verge Of Transforming The Human-Computer Relationship >>
* Video Friday: Aibo Reborn, Robot Plus HoloLens, and NREC’s Formula >>
* 4 TechCrunch writers bought the iPhone X. Here are our thoughts >>

* Update on genome sequencing costs >>
* The Orville’ Renewed for Season 2 >>
* New trailers: The Last Jedi, Ghost Stories, I, Tonya, and more >>

* Check Out Nasa’s New Instrument That Will Look For Life On Enceladus >>
* Drones to scan Cook Strait in ‘Project Cookie Monster’ >>
* America is facing an epistemic crisis >>

* Up to Speed on AI & Deep Learning: November Update >>
* Everything you need to know about Neural Networks >>

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