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Tristans Daily Link Review; 24 Feb 2010

* Six tricks that alien trackers could use – New Scientist http://ff.im/-gspXU
* Metamodern: How to study for a career in nanotechnology http://ff.im/-gsoLC
* Virulent Bird-Human Flu Hybrid Made in Lab | Wired http://ff.im/-gs5z5
* Second Life’s new player builds toward Web http://bit.ly/anfFWH
* http://www.secondlife.com/beta-viewer
* Should scientists be asking these questions? http://ff.im/-grIIW

* South Korea to put robot teachers in the classroom http://ff.im/-grl1A
* Work Smart: Claiming Your Name on the Web http://ff.im/-greOW
* Top 10 Time-Lapse Videos Show Nature at Work | Wired http://ff.im/-grbEU
* Accelerating Future » Richard Dawkins on the Singularity http://ff.im/-gpnBu
* Video : The Future Of Personalized Medicine http://ff.im/-gpdjh

* 10-of-the-worlds-strangest-social-networks  http://ff.im/-gsPFS
* TED2010: Philip K. Howard: Four ways to fix a broken legal system http://bit.ly/91EE2F
* Avoiding a Digital Dark Age http://bit.ly/b5rdmk
* Tweetcatcha- Twittersphere visualization story pickup-  http://a.parsons.edu/~drumb588/tweetcatcha/

* Singularity University’s Summer Program Doubling in Size http://bit.ly/9eocct
* Junctionless Transistors Next Step at 20 Nanometer Node Better Scaling Properties  http://bit.ly/bRG2WK
* Robot Flowers http://bit.ly/91zfTb
* A Step Toward Solving The Mobile Router Conundrum http://bit.ly/acayG6
* Evolution in a Test Tube -Scientists Create Immortal Genetic Molecule http://bit.ly/9GqK6s

* Google Earth’s View of the Boneyard, Where Planes Go to Die http://bit.ly/aTQ9Cy
* Breakthrough in All-Optical Processing Could Bring Terabit Data Speeds http://bit.ly/aHX65y
* The Present and Future of Unmanned Drone Aircraft: An Illustrated Field Guide http://bit.ly/ak6y4R

* Hover-Chair Brings Senior Citizen Air Hockey One Step Closer To Reality http://bit.ly/clf7pD
* DNA sequencing unlocks relationships among flowering plants http://bit.ly/bRBlwl
* Nanoparticle Developed To Boost Anti-Cancer Immunotherapy http://bit.ly/dqfkFL
* So how sophisticated are video games these days? Words from EA’s Henry LaBounta http://bit.ly/dpXy9R
* Oral Cancer Study Full Tumor Genome; Novel Method Analysis for Individualized Medicine http://bit.ly/aHGImH
* What it might take to unravel the lean mean machine that is cancer http://bit.ly/apjp9V

* Gene regulation: Can we stomach it? http://bit.ly/b7q9nL
* Laser adds extra dimension to lab-on-chip http://bit.ly/aJVr8p
* Game Lets Soldiers Train in a Virtual Iraq or Afghanistan http://bit.ly/bD8n1V
* Hourglass Figures Affect Men’s Brains Like a Drug http://bit.ly/bPEjDp
* Next for NASA: Inflatable Space Stations, In-Orbit Refueling, Space UAVs and More http://bit.ly/9zpEh4
* PR2 Gets Better At Plugging Itself In http://bit.ly/bCtg0N
* ROBO-ONE Humanoid Helper Project http://bit.ly/acw7mk

* Bitter melon extract attacks breast cancer cells http://bit.ly/cJ96b8
* Device Measures Magnetic Field of Heart, Providing a New Tool to Diagnose The Organ http://bit.ly/awquGQ
* Full Genome Sequencing Helps Create Personalized Blood Cancer Test http://bit.ly/9eoVMv
* Alien invaders pack the Milky Way http://bit.ly/b5ht99
* How the Brain Makes Space for New Memories: By Erasing a Few Old Ones http://bit.ly/bRZGWU

* Piracy Isn’t Killing The Movie Industry, Greed Is http://bit.ly/dgoIet
* Why Modern Business Is Bad for Your Mental Health http://bit.ly/bxE4AO
* OSCAR understands the language of chemistry, naturally http://bit.ly/9VWcCv
* Kopin Golden-i head-mounted computer uses Windows CE 6 http://bit.ly/bWpWPS
* Segway Made from Lego Robot Kit Works Without a Gyro (video) http://bit.ly/djnQWl
* Ancient Human Ancestors Faced Fearsome Horned Crocodile http://bit.ly/dj5J0d
* Optogenetics Offers Insight into the Last Frontier: The Brain http://bit.ly/bvYZgB
* Turn the Tube Around: Futuristic Fridge Gives Free Previews http://bit.ly/cicBK0
qtd:  this is not an information revolution, it is a relationship revolution.

* Anibal M. Astobiza: PopSci’s Videos: Future Of: Brain Fingerprinting http://bit.ly/9CtyLS
* Wildcat: IEEE Spectrum: Genome as Commodity: http://bit.ly/avqMOx
* Mobile Banking – Cellphone-based cash transfer system has changed the way Kenyans handle. http://bit.ly/c1bm8G
* Alexander Kruel: Time Management and Memory | Reduce the Cognitive Load: http://bit.ly/cg3IcO
* Alexander Kruel: Chimps are intelligent enough to appreciate a full pint http://bit.ly/atqSwN
* Wildcat: Copyright and patents should be scrapped, whole new categories of intellectual prop http://bit.ly/9ZKnl7

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