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Tristans Link archive; 2-3 Feb 2010

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* New research rejects 80-year theory of ‘primordial soup’ as the origin of life
* 100x Faster WiFi Closer to Reality
* NASA Funds Crew Concepts
* Adobe CTO Defends Flash Against Apple HTML5
* Scientists map out regulatory regions of genome, hot spots for diabetes genes
* Compound LJ001 Acts Like Antibiotic Against Viruses
* Health Tweeder Hopes to Distill Medical Twittersphere
* Crystals in a Meteorite Found to be harder than Regular diamonds –

* Hubble Detects Mysterious Spaceship-Shaped Object Traveling at 11,000MPH
* Video; Robots Evolve Cooperative Behaviors, Learn To Hunt And Be Hunted
* TR: Malleable Maps, Artistic Robots and Bubble Interfaces
* Multitouch Future: Stick-on Plastic Film Can Make 108-Inch Touchscreens
* Digital doomsday: the end of knowledge – New Scientist
* MIT’s Bionic Man: Accelerating the Integration of Body & Machine

* New adhesive device could let humans walk on walls
* JVC’s latest projector capable of 4x HD resolution or 4 screens
* Cells send dirty laundry home to mom
* News Analysis – Billions for NASA, With a Push to Find New Ways Into Space –
* Magnetic nanoparticles show promise for combating human cancer
* Robotic Pallet-Stacking Challenge Aims to Create an Automation Benchmark for Industry

* Engineers develop cancer-targeting nanoprobe sensors
* Millimeter Wave Chips Could Make Wireless A/V a Normal Thing
* arXiv: Physicists Discover How to Grow Graphene
* Scientists create new way to screen libraries of 10 million or more compounds
* DARPA Asks Boston Dynamics For Bigger BigDog | BotJunkie
* Spray-On ‘Liquid Glass’ Protects Surfaces From Just About Anything
* Eric Drexler on Self Assembly and Chris Phoenix does the same at CRNano
* Evolving robots navigate a maze, help each other, plot descruction of mankind

* Wildcat: Building body parts using nanocellulose
* Eric Logan: Next in Military Technology: Unmanned Black Hawk?
* Alexander Kruel: Cyborg Insect Spies to Become Nuclear Powered:
* Alexander Kruel: Distracted by Everything | PBS
* Eric Logan: BBC News – Professor’s alien life ‘seed’ theory claimed:
* Alexander Kruel: Neil D Tyson: “If you’re scientifically literate the world looks very different …
* imabonehead: Technology Review: Monitoring Cell Death Could Help Cancer Treatment:
* Kol Tregaskes: FriendFeed List Editor – *FFEDIT *FriendFeed:
* Wildcat: Body Computing Conference 3.0: Keynote Address by Daniel Kraft, M.D.:

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