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Tristans Daily Link Review; 27 Feb 2010

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* MIT Stumbles on a Way to Print Flexible Coatings Made of Micromachines
* Bionic Humans: Top 10 Technologies
* Physicists build basic quantum computing circuit
* It’s Alive! Faulders Studio’s Building Proposal Grows Its Own Facade
* Aubrey de Grey at SU
* The wireless future of medicine – Eric Topol

* Losing Google would hit Chinese science hard
* Air Force X-37B spaceplane arrives in Florida for launch
* HUMAVIPS project could lead to humanoids with social skills
* i-SOBOT Puts Out Candles
* Stem Cell Transplant Defeats HIV? Still HIV Free after 2 Years

* The Ultimate Collection of Scaling Visualisations
* A Silent Rotor Blade Paves the Way for Super-Stealth Choppers
* So Exactly Why Is Bill Gates in Antarctica?
* Most Sensitive Neutrino Experiment, Seeks Answers on Matter’s Origin
* NASA Tests Handy-Man Space Robots For Orbital Repairs

* Answer 80-Year-Old Question Makes Computer Modeling 100,000 Times Faster
* Jobs: I’ll decide what to do with Apple’s $40bn cash pile
* It’s Alive! Faulders Studio’s Building Proposal Grows Its Own Facade
* Micro-ear lets scientists eavesdrop on the micro-world
* Physicists Build Basic Quantum Computing Circuit
* Bio-inspired computer networks self-organise and learn

* Human Teeth Reveal History of Catastrophes
* Genes associated with early tooth development identified
* Rachel Maddow Explains Healthcare system
* Tumor Recurrance Red Flags via Blood Test
* Flower Power May Reduce Resistance to Breast Cancer Drug Tamoxifen
* Increasing Neurogenesis Might Prevent Drug Addiction and Relapse

* Stickleback genomes shining bright light on evolution
* Pin-pointing water in space
* Converting Body Movements Into Electricity
* Resting brain reveals connections

* Scientist eyes 39-day voyage to Mars
* Quantum measurement precision approaches Heisenberg limit
* New graphene nanomesh could change the future of electronics

* Infographic: Google facts and figures
* Infographic: Snake oil? Scientific eveidence on popular health supplements
* Infographic: Visualizing News Stories, as a Huge Social Network

* 42,000 Year Old Baby Mammoth Gets CT, MRI Scanned
* Nano advances tackle 2 biggest problems associated with chemotherapy
* Turning Back the Brain Clock
* Hyper Evolution Possible? “Very”-Research Suggests
* First Two Chapters of The Wealth Singularity for Free
* Getting Hospitalized Should Be Like Flying First-Class

* Spacecraft-Collected Comet Dust Reveals Surprises From the Solar System
* EU requests Google delete Street View images after 6 months:
* Dopamine antidepressant boosts low sex-drive
* Gene coevolution of individualism–collectivism and the serotonin transporter gene:
* Resting brain reveals connections
* Nouns and verbs are learned in different parts of the brain:
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