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Tristans Link archive; 4 Feb 2010

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* Lab on a chip’ that detects viruses
* Al Fin: World Debt Bomb Obama: Fuse We Were Waiting For
* Baker’s yeast: A promising, natural therapy for cancer?
* Who’ll be next on the Moon now NASA’s doing other stuff?
* IEEE Spectrum: Fighting Cancer with Protons

* Smart coating opens door to safer hip, knee and dental implants
* Scientists map epigenome of human stem cells during development
* Computers Taught How to Map Brain’s Neural Geography
* The strangest liquid: Why water is so weird – New Scientist
* Rewriting Desktop Printer Can Erase and Reuse Documents

* Blimp My Ride: Luxury Eco-Zeppelin Does London to NYC in 37 Hours
* Window Washing Robots Take Over Dubai (video) | Singularity Hub
* Scientists discover alterations in brain’s reward system related to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
* Man in coma can talk via brain waves
* Scientists find quantum mechanics at work in photosynthesis
* TR: Physicist Discovers How to Teleport Energy

* Landmark Ruling Gives Australian ISPs Safe Harbor –
* Is Liquid Terminator Robot One Step Closer to Reality? –
* Hunters and Farmers –
* Nuclear bomb blast videos redux! –
* Tour of Intel’s new 25nm fab –
* Who’ll be next on the Moon now NASA’s doing other stuff? –

Ashalynd: Is looking for patterns the key property of intelligence? And also recognizing …
Eric Logan: Neill Blomkamp’s TED Talk: Life On Other Planets and the Future of Human Civili..
Alexander Kruel: Blue Brain Year One – 15-minute documentary on the Blue Brain project.:
Alexander Kruel: Genetically Modified Tomatoes Can Last 45 Days on the Shelf:
Wildcat: Tim Berners-Lee- Davos 2010 – IdeasLab with MIT –
Alexander Kruel: HP Vision of a Trillion Sensors Around the World:
Alexander Kruel: NASA’s Next Observatory Will Stare at the Sun; Predict Solar Storms:

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