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* No Sex Needed: All-Female Lizard Species Cross Their Chromosomes to Make Babies
* The Internet in 2020-What the Experts Predict
* Worms illustrate impact of genomics
* Programmable spy tank turns your kid into an app developer
* Are you willing to spend $28,000 to preserve your body?
* What Came Before the Big Bang? Leading Physicist Presents a Radical Theory

* New blood test will show women’s egg levels
* PopSci at Toy Fair 2010 on Vimeo
* Printing body parts: Making a bit of me
* Dolphins can turn diabetes on, and off

* Where Humans and Robots Connect
* Artificial Retina Enables Blind to See Again
* Discovery Dates Seafaring 100,000-Plus Years Ago
* Artificial nose can distinguish between coffee brands
* Does Zonal Swishing Play a Part in Earth’s Magnetic Field Reversals?

* Man appears free of HIV after stem cell transplant
* Comparison shows robot-assisted option offers advantages for kidney surgery
* Biologists use mathematics to advance our understanding of health and disease
* Biotech, Nanotech and Synthetic Biology Roles in Future Food Supply Explored
* What causes chest pain when feelings are hurt?
* Are you willing to spend $28,000 to preserve your body?
* A Roller Coaster Chase for a Cure

* Robot film crew knows what sports fans like -New Scientist
* Scientists Intend To Turn HIV Against Itself In New Trial
* Symmetric graphs of regular simplices
* ResearchGATE professional network for scientists.

* MIT’s Flyfire Turns Swarms of Autonomous LED Copters Into Floating 3-D Displays
* Research uncovers how antidepressants actually work
* Drake wants off-world listening post for alien messages
* Technology Review: Phone Game Needs No Server
* Explained: The Placebo Effect
* What is rewarding brain stimulation?
* xixidu: Books I bought recently

* Technology shapes man or man shapes technology?
* Adobe Flash Developer Says iPad’s Flash Allergy Due to Hovering, Clicking Cursors
* CU physicists use ultra-fast lasers to open doors to new tech, unheard of just years ago
* Where did all the people go from the collapsed financial institutions?
* Apple Secures Nifty Near-Field Wireless Patent for iPhones
* Learning from the Brain: Computer Scientists Develop New Generation of Neuro-Computer

* Turning down the noise in quantum data storage
* Best Tech Guy caller EVER with Leo Laporte
* Students find practical application for math in robotics
* Hydrogen taxi cabs to serve London by 2012 Olympics
* Try a watch on using augmented reality
* Whats that boat outside your window? cool site real-time global shipping traffic:
* Future Of Tech: Immortality, Transhumanism, and Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity
* VIDEO: Holograph –

* Mark H: Awesome Illustration Graphic Design Inspiration, Case Studies:
* Wildcat2030: Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus
* Alexander Kruel: What is rewarding brain stimulation?:
* Alexander Kruel: xnet: What is rewarding brain stimulation? :
* Alexander Kruel: Untitled:

* Alexander Kruel: Science is the Only News:
* Wildcat: Homeokinetics- Physics of Complex Systems What is Homeokinetics?
* Alexander Kruel: Med Patient Social Networks Are Better Scientific Institutions:
* Ashalynd: What happens when you type URL into the address bar of a browser …
* Alexander Kruel: Expanding the Genetic Code:
* Genetically Engineered Pig Lung Oxygenates Human Blood, Paving Way For Transplants:

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