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Tristans Link archive; 23 Feb 2010

* Neuroscientists find brain system behind general intelligence http://ff.im/-goGAA
* Researchers uncover DNA genome sequence of extinct ancient cattle http://ff.im/-goD5D
* Genes responsible for ability to recognize faces http://ff.im/-goA8Y
* Virtual cell could bring benefits of simulation to biology http://ff.im/-go3y7
* Long-promised cancer revolution begins http://bit.ly/ciFT03
* Mouse Gets Human Liver http://ff.im/-gnXqz

* New Treatment to Prevent Cancer Recurrence Shows Promise – http://bit.ly/aD5gZJ
* Blocking blood vessel formation prevents brain tumor recurrence in mice http://bit.ly/bMskhD
* Neuron connections seen in 3-D http://bit.ly/bQwSKz
* Research explains mechanism at work in tumor http://bit.ly/aqeKx1
* MRI: Non-invasive diagnostic tool for diagnosing testicular cancer http://bit.ly/97CRWr

* Artificial Skin will use Quantum Tunneling http://bit.ly/bLH71N
* When Are We Getting These? – Electric Car http://ff.im/-goF1Z
* Adorable bubble car lets you see 360° of the world around you http://bit.ly/bIKE3z
* MIT’s Sketch-Interpreting Software Turns Tablet Computers into Smart Whiteboards http://ff.im/-goENU
* World’s First Junctionless Transistor Could Revolutionize Chip Industry http://ff.im/-gnE5p
* Israel unveils world’s largest unmanned aerial vehicle – http://bit.ly/9piogo

* Midday nap markedly boosts the brain’s learning capacity http://bit.ly/9tjiNl
* Brain Mind and Behavior: Defining the Mind http://bit.ly/9QfJlY
* Pope enters airport body scanners row http://bit.ly/cjbm5G
* About Humanity+ UK 2010 http://bit.ly/bxAqks

* Care-O-bot 3 Goes Open Source http://bit.ly/blLHcz
* Darpa Plans Test for Hypersonic Weapon http://bit.ly/bxLF92
* Nanotechnology Sparks Energy Storage on Paper and Cloth http://bit.ly/biMeUN
* DNA Evidence Tells Global Story of Human History http://bit.ly/absPXg
* Scientists create tiny RNA molecule with big implications for life’s origins http://bit.ly/aytOiF
* Winners Int Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge  http://bit.ly/aMx7iJ  http://bit.ly/bbOW3j

* Wonders of the Solar System starts March 7th BBC2 for 5 weeks http://bit.ly/85Sv2V
* Five Minutes With: Professor Brian Cox http://bit.ly/97pxhZ
* Philip Howard’s TED talk on simplifying law now up http://short.to/18etb
* Atheism, Life Extension and the Singularity http://bit.ly/aBxMwD
* Richard Dawkins on the Singularity  http://bit.ly/9roPJz
* The prime numbers, arranged in a spiral  http://bit.ly/de05TO
* Human gods too provincial-Richard Feynman http://bit.ly/cJudvd

* CompactFlash 5.0 – 144 Petabytes of Storage – http://bit.ly/9uo31C
— In Future Card Will Hold 200 Years Worth of Porn http://bit.ly/dwUpom
* 256 GB USB flash drive shipping in the US http://bit.ly/bGi5oy

* 10 Things to Know About Bloom Energy http://bit.ly/9yD7KY
* Stars Can Teach Us a Thing or Two about Manufacturing Carbon Nanotubes, NASA Finds http://bit.ly/9jPsqp
* All About Space Travel, Time Travel, Quantum Tunneling & Zero-G Sex http://bit.ly/dd21e7
* 7,000,000,000 in HD http://bit.ly/5SoDm8
* The Non-unique Universe http://bit.ly/9KiMeM

* Mountains of e-waste threaten developing world http://bit.ly/beeQ0B
* More for Less for More: How to Disrupt in the Age of Scarcity http://bit.ly/c6yzx2
* How to Face Your Company’s Mortality http://bit.ly/cw7Wkz
* Diamond Trees: A MM Based System for Compositional Atmospheric Homeostasis http://bit.ly/9r86Fj
* Google Earth Hits the Android Market, For a Lucky Few http://bit.ly/bgYG42
* Tricorder/Aliens-motion-tracker handscanner kit gets $6m http://bit.ly/aRk992

* Clash of 3-D movies to hit underprepared cinemas http://bit.ly/df4b9o
* 6 of the wildest airport take-offs and landings you’ll ever take http://bit.ly/bocFQQ
* Mathemeticians Figure Out What Makes Women Beautiful http://bit.ly/9XXwHy
* Recordable web-embeddable video conferencing http://wetoku.com (via @chrisgrayson)
* Pearltrees, human-organized network of interests http://www.pearltrees.com

* Alexander Kruel: We were but soft machines, and God was a malfunction. http://bit.ly/9V3grI
* Alexander Kruel: Yitta Schwartz, Who Died at 93, Had 2,000 Living Descendants http://nyti.ms/ceOIoN
* RAPatton: Space shuttle Endeavour rare night-time landing – http://bit.ly/9VNgV2
* Alexander Kruel: Israel Long Range UAV Suitable for Bombing Missions: http://bit.ly/a4LnFm
* Alexander Kruel: Life beyond our universe: http://bit.ly/clSVL7
* See-ming  Flicr… http://bit.ly/9nkeIM
* Ashalynd: 10 Best Brain Blogs http://kl.am/5nV9

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