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Tristans Link archive; 12 Feb 2010

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* 1Gbps Streaming Achieved With Infrared Light – Infrared – Gizmodo
* arXiv blog: Physicists Discover How to Entangle at High Temperatures
* Falcon 9 Ready For Final Assembly At Cape
* Researchers create drug to keep tumor growth switched off

* In Age of Friending, Consumers Trust Their Friends Less
* Chart of the Day: Kids don’t hate Twitter any more – fastest growing demographics under 25:
* Which Country Will Be The Next To Put An Astronaut On The Moon?
* 1.5 Million Facebook Fans For A Robot? –
* Technology from Caprica Series on ScyFy is Already Here
* Artificial intelligence: Will robots ever rule the world?
* Power of Thought – A Quantum Perspective – By Kent Healy

* Breakthrough in battery-less radios achieved
* Video of cat vs. robot (Spoiler: cat OWNS the robot!)
* Nanofiber Lamps Are More Efficient Than Incandescent Bulbs, Eco-FriendlierThan Fluorescent
* Give Danger The Finger (From A Safe Distance) With New Robot Hand
* A First Look at Robot Land (Disneyland for Terminators)
* MSU researcher linking breast cancer patients with alternative therapies

* Research team targets self-cannibalizing cancer cells
* Ultracold Reactions Probe the Frontiers of Quantum Chemistry
* Shaping the tree of DNA’s regulators
* Cancer: ‘Primitive’ gene discovered
* Engineered Mice Mimic Human Populations
* Intel’s single-chip cloud computer
* @timoreilly Cyber warfare: don’t inflate it, don’t underestimate it re “The Great Equalizer”

* Antibiotics Breed Superbugs Faster Than Expected
* Gates On iPad: Needs Pen, Keyboard, Voice
* YouTube, the G-Rated Edition
* Amazing City Views from the Top
* New Clue Why Autistic People Don’t Want Hugs –
* Nuclear physics gets a stepping stone to the ‘island of stability’

* Ashalynd: Interesting. RT @mindhackz: New clue why autistic people don’t want hugs
* Anibal M. Astobiza: Review: Out of our Heads
* Alexander Kruel: No Humans, Just Robots – Amazing Videos of the Modern Factory:
* Alexander Kruel: 10,000 Galaxies in 3D (Video):
* Tool for uploading files using Flash, Silverlight, Google Gears, HTML5 or Browse…
* Alexander Kruel: Mimo Monitors – USB-only connection–add monitors without adding clutter!:
* Christopher A Carr: FF –> Twitter –> Buzz check.:
* Amira: Online papers on consciousness | Australian National University
* Scientists Control Chemical Reactions of Ultracold Molecules

* YouTube – Google Liquid Galaxy live demo at TED
* Bing + Maps + Streetview + Photosynth + live video !
* Microsoft’s Pivot site

* kids spend 10,000 hours playing games before leaving school = same amount of hours as at… school!
* WOW 5.93 million years have been spent playing WOW.
* We spend 3 billion hours a week on gaming and World of Warcraft is second biggest wiki in world (Wikipedia is #1)
* we’re using games to escape anything that’s broken in the real world
* Game designer We need to play more online games to make the world better- 21bn hours per wk by decade’s end.
* we don’t want to predict the future; we want to make the future
* Scobleizer Microsoft just blew our minds by putting live video & ww telescope together on maps
* Nathan Myrhvold (ex-Microsoft CTO) built a f**king laser-guided Star Trek phaser to kill mosquitoes and end Malaria. 
>> Video:
* Pivot by Microsoft being unveiled at TED. Looks cool. Visualizations!
* Amazing new Microsoft Technology unveiled  the future of the browser? Check it out
* Microsoft’s Pivot site #TED

* Photo of the day at #TED @billgates meets Will Smith
* Jamie Oliver’s #TED Prize live on –

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