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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 February 2020

* Drone Swarm Generates Smoke Screen for Huge Laser Displays >>
* Laser LiFi Could Send Data Speeds Soaring >>
* Rocket Lab readies parachute tests for its rocket recovery and reuse program >>

* Autonomous flying taxi Cora set for passenger trials in New Zealand >>
* World’s biggest iceberg makes a run for it >>
* Deep learning accurately forecasts heat waves, cold spells >>

* POD NVIDIA’s Neda Cvijetic Explains the Science Behind Self-Driving Cars – Ep. 108 >>
* Senate acquits US President Donald Trump on impeachment charges >>
* Elon Musk: Carriers ‘Greedy’ in Quest for 5G Spectrum >>

* Netflix Now Streaming AV1 on Android >>
* MWC2020: 5G Core to Star in Barcelona >>
* Vodafone, DT Hold New 5G Network-Sharing Talks in Germany >>
* Drones, 5G, Video: China’s Digital Virus Response >>

* How Badly Will Coronavirus Hurt MWC? >>
* LG, ZTE hang up on Mobile World Congress, organizers call for ‘no-handshake’ policy >>
* China’s smartphone giants sending smaller contingent to world’s biggest mobile show amid coronavirus crisis >>
* Coronavirus: No new iPhone in 2020? >>

* Vodafone CEO: We will elbow Chinese firm Huawei from our European core networks >>
* US Politicos Take 5G Bandwagon Down Dangerous Path >>
* Huawei to reassure people about Beijing’s spying eyes: Trivial backdoor found in HiSilicon’s firmware for net-connected cams, recorders >>
* Full disclosure: 0day vulnerability (backdoor) in firmware for HiSilicon-based DVRs, NVRs and IP cameras >>

* SpaceX will now let you book a rocket launch online starting at $1 million >>
* Spotify reports 124 million paying users and ‘exponential’ podcast growth >>
* A college for the computing age >>

* Life on the Edge: AT&T Customers Explore Use Cases for Edge Computing >>
* Service provider router sales will exceed $75 billion by 2024: report >>
* Agile software development is dead. Deal with it >>

* What caused the Iowa Democratic Caucus app debacle? Too little software testing >>
* POD Secrets of Evaluating Security Products >>
* TED Health Benefits Of Clowning Around >>
* TED The Science Of Friction And Its Surprising Impact On Our Lives >>

* Amazon’s Ring Doorbell Update Allows Opt Out of All Police Video Requests >>
* Apple’s TV App and Apple TV+ arrive on 2019 LG TVs >>
* Extending Quantum Entanglement Across Town >>

* Disney+ has already netted 28.6 million subscribers >>
* Drone network provides early warnings for natural disasters >>
* Dyson files patent for air-purifier headphones that would deliver fresh tunes and fresh air >>

* Vodafone, DT Hold New 5G Network-Sharing Talks in Germany >>
* Predictions 2020: Key Trends that Will Shape the Autonomous Digital Enterprise >>
* Boosted’S Struggling To Move Beyond Electric Skateboards >>

* Improving pavement networks by predicting the future >>
* Google’s new Assistant speaks a second language: Japanese >>
* How Google Recognizes Traffic Jams in Maps >>

* Instagram brought in more money than YouTube in 2019 >>
* Nvidia officially launches cloud gaming service GeForce Now for $5 per month >>
* Parker Solar Probe Reports Success Record-Setting Fourth Close Encounter of the Sun >>

* Privacy of hundreds of thousands of genetic volunteers may be at risk >>
* An Upcoming Mission is Going to Assemble and Manufacture a Communications Antenna and Beam in Space >>
* Build a unique Brand Voice with Amazon Polly >>

* GM will bring Super Cruise to 22 vehicles by 2022 >>
* Google Fiber stops offering traditional TV service to new customers >>
* Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. We need a new education model. >>

* Soft skills for a hard worldAs workers interact with ever-smarter machines, the demand for soft skills is beginning to surge. >>
* Moon Colonization is Over 72 Times Easier Than Mars Colonization >>
* News Brief: January updates from the Google News Initiative >>

* AI Flight Simulations: Training Pilots Faster and Reducing Costs >>
* WhatsApp desktop security flaw gave intruders remote access to files >>
* Web development shifts to a mobile-first approach >>

* Knightmare: A DevOps Cautionary Tale >>
* Microsoft Azure Certifications Explained – A Deep Dive for IT Professionals in 2020 >>

* Everything You Need To Know About Russia’s (Possibly Fictional) Super Heavy Rocket >>
* Continuous Integration to Shift Left Testing Across the Enterprise Stack >>
* When Connections are Magic Understanding Performance in Serverless >>

* Metrics That Matter >>
* Impeachment inquiry political cartoons from the USA TODAY network >>
* This Illustration Of How Field Of View Affects Your Perception Of Speed Will Blow Your Mind >>

* Turkish plane crash: Airliner breaks open in Istanbul; 1 dead, 157 injured >>

* Will the New Coronavirus Keep Spreading or Not? You Have to Know One Little Number >>
* Coronavirus: severe cases up but ‘signs of faster diagnosis’ in China >>
* China Sacrifices a Province to Save the World From Coronavirus >>
* Updates on the Race for Coronavirus Vaccines and Treatments >>
* What life is like in Wuhan during the coronavirus lockdown >>
* Coronavirus Adds to Pressure for U.S. Oil Industry >>
* Pandemic: Netflix’s new series about global outbreaks is eerily timed, and moved me to tears >>
* The coronavirus lays bare the limits of WHO’s health diplomacy with China >>
* In Israel, coronavirus likely to affect tourism and construction first – analyst >>
* Will the coronavirus become a pandemic – and what happens if it does >>
* Coronavirus: WHO chief again deflects criticism of China and seeks US$675 million in aid for developing nations >>
* Coronavirus cruise ship hell: China virus fears leave 12,000 held captive in a week >>

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