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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 February 2020

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* Tempo is a smart home gym that uses computer vision to track your form in real time >>
* New Wi-Fi Encryption Vulnerability Affects Over A Billion Devices >>
* Amazon made a bigger camera-spying store, so we tried to steal its fruit >>

* Unmanned Solar Aircraft Aims to Compete Commercially With Satellites and Drones >>
* How a Hot $100 Million Home Design Startup Collapsed Overnight >>
* RSA: from the convention floor of the security conference >>

* New LTE Network Flaw Could Let Attackers Impersonate 4G Mobile Users >>
* Chinese hospitals deploy ai to help diagnose covid19 >>
* Tech Companies Use AI to Stop Predators Online >>

* O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference: The elephant in the architecture >>

* Beautiful UI components, crafted by Tailwind >>
* NASA picks moon catapults, lasers, electricity and other wild lunar projects for student contest >>
* Netflix’s new Top 10 lists tell you what’s popular >>

* The Detail: Why coronavirus is a game changer for scientists >>
* Air New Zealand Unveils Comfy-Looking Sleeping Pods For Economy-Class Passengers >>
* YouTubers Create A Five-Gallon Liquid Nitrogen Rocket, Test To See If It Can Actually Fly >>

* Google Translate supports new languages for the first time in four years, including Uyghur >>
* Self-driving shuttle company ordered to stop carrying passengers after injury >>
* Mercedes’ New Dual-Axis F1 Steering System Is Counter-Intuitive And Brilliant. Here’s How It Works >>

* Fujifilm X-T4 Announced With In-Body Image Stabilization And Flip-Out Screen >>
* What It’s Like to Drive a Sherp, The Giant ATV That Walks on Water >>
* Meet Bob Chapek, Disney’S New Ceo And The Tim Cook To Iger’S Steve Jobs >>

* Google’s image results will soon tell you more about what you’re seeing >>
* SpaceX approved to build Starship factory and research hub in LA >>
* 3 Trends Changing The Way We Age >>

* Digital Anarchist Live RSA 2020 day 1 >>
live >>
* Google plans to spend $10B+ on data centers and offices this year >>
* Patents Secured for Revolutionary Nuclear Fusion Technology >>

* TED How To Design Gender Bias Out Of Your Workplace >>
* AI Trends Responsible for the Rapid Shape-Shifting of the Future >>
* Train and Deploy Machine Models with Amazon SageMaker Autopilot >>

* Digital Rebar Promises Distributed Site Automation from Enterprise to Edge >>
* Computer Vision Could Improve Health and Workplace Safety >>
* Google Advises Android Developers to Encrypt App Data On Device >>

* A billion Wi-Fi devices suffer from a newly discovered security flaw >>
* Podcast Google Ibm Quantum Supremacy Computing Feud >>
* Artificial intelligence destroy civilization- anaries robot overlords take over world ai >>

* Cable operators and edge computing: Where and why? >>
* Not MWC: Cisco stacks new software for mobile networks >>
* Aryaka CEO Matt Carter: The state of SD-WAN and secure communications >>

* Olympic official: Tokyo is “looking at a cancellation” if coronavirus not contained by late May >>
* IoT devices can give hackers access to your networks >>
* Improving Customer Service Using Artificial Intelligence >>

* Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler: “The Future Is… >>
* New Ideas for the Automation of Tomorrow >>
* Move Over, CMOS: Here Come Snapshots by Quantum Dots >>

* Here’s How Facebook’s Brain-Computer Interface Development is Progressing >>
* Deep learning isn’t hard anymore >>
* Email still beats texts – for hackers phishing for your data >>

* Do I Really Need A Vpc? >>
* The Next Generation of Batteries Could Be Built by Viruses >>
* Why successful people don’t do only one thing well >>

* Argo AI’s CEO explains why its fleet of self-driving taxis won’t be all-electric (at first) >>
* Masha Sedova, Elevate Security | RSA USA 2020 >>
* Sizzle Reel | Splunk .conf19 >>
* Sizzle Reel | Google Cloud Next 2019 >>
* Sizzle Reel | AWS re:Invent 2019. >>

* Integrating With SaaS Applications — An Introduction >>
* Integrating With SaaS Applications — Common Architectural Elements >>
* Integrating With SaaS Applications — Example CRM Integration >>

* Weekly Space Hangout: February 26, 2020 – Czarina Salido of Time In Cosmology is ‘Taking Up Space’ >>
* Covid-19 Will Mark the End of Affluence Politics >>
* Chinese firms rush to bring 5G smartphones to India >>

* Our Long Bets and Predictions about 02020 >>
* Doj Plans To Strike Against Encryption While The Techlash Iron Is Hot >>
* Companies in southern Xinjiang restart production to fight poverty amid epidemic >>

* 90 seconds to see how gigafactory resumed operations >>
* A Hard Look at Concrete >>
* What can the coronavirus outbreak teach us about bringing Mars samples back to Earth? >>
* When that ‘AI company’ isn’t really an AI company >>

* China to provide support to countries with weaker health systems: FM spokesperson >>
* Coronavirus spreads from Italy to Brazil, reaching every continent except Antarctica >>
* China’s Surveillance State Pushed to the Limits in Virus Fight >>
* Could the US contain a coronavirus outbreak >>
* Coronavirus Is Bat Coronavirus With SARS Receptor and Likely Joined in a Lab >>
* Coronavirus far more likely than Sars to bond to human cells due to HIV-like mutation, scientists say >>
* It’s not the apocalypse, but yes, you should care >>
* Trump’s reckless coronavirus statements put the entire US at risk >>
* First US military coronavirus infection confirmed in South Korea as cases hit 1,261 >>

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