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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 February 2020

* Alphabet’s Loon turn solar-powered drones into flying cell towers >>
* Researchers can ‘steal’ data by tracking a PC monitor’s brightness >>
* Exfiltrating Data from Air-Gapped Computers Using Screen Brightness >>

* 7-Eleven is the next retailer to test cashierless stores >>
* SpaceX “likely to spin out” and pursue an IPO for Starlink satellite internet business >>
* 500,000+ computers compromised by malware hosted by Bitbucket >>

* Battle of the Video Codecs: Coding-Efficient VVC vs. Royalty-Free AV1 >>

* NASA seeks Moon rover concepts from industry >>
* What to expect from Samsung’s S20 event: Camera bumps, 5G and a surprise foldable >>
* HBO Max forms a production unit devoted to streaming movies >>

* a-new-implant-for-blind-people-jacks-directly-into-the-brain >>
* A new money-laundering rule is forcing crypto exchanges to scramble >>
* AI could help design better drugs that don’t clash with other medication >>

* Facebook’s “radioactive data” tracks the images used to train an AI >>
* Building AI you can trust >>
* MWC2020: All Roads Lead to Cloud Gaming >>

* Nokia Sees Light at End of 5G Tunnel >>
* 1,000 True Fans? Try 100 >>
* Trump impeachment trial: Four numbers that explain why he was cleared >>

* A fingerprint can show if someone has taken cocaine or just touched it >>
* Watch OneWeb launch 34 satellites for its broadband constellation live >>

* SEO Case Study – 0 To 200,000 Monthly Organic Traffic >>
* Lasers etch a ‘perfect’ solar energy absorber >>
* Your Poorly Secured Medical Credit Score Could Deny You Care >>

* Free: How A.I. is searching for Aliens | The Age of A.I. >>
* Google Maps is turning 15! Celebrate with a new look and features >>
* Now a smart lightbulb system got hacked >>

* Huawei Back in Court With Patent Suit Against Verizon >>
* The federal government just granted its first driverless car exemption >>

* Boeing finds another software problem on the 737 Max >>
* Large-Area MicroLED Display Startup Makes Gallium-Nitride Transistors Too >>
* Building Roads and Landing Pads on the Moon >>

* As the 2020 election heats up, climate change becomes a bigger priority >>
* America is bad at voting (it isn’t just Iowa) >>
* An ‘Off-the-Shelf, Skeleton Project’: Experts Analyze the App That Broke Iowa >>

* Showcasing Next Generation Edge Operating System For Cloud Workspaces >>
* 6WIND Border Router Software Replaces Cisco and Juniper Hardware >>
* Dynatrace further extends Kubernetes support for full-stack observability and more precise, AI-powered answers >>

* Edge security is a paradox >>
* Technology advances and demands for speed are driving enterprises to the edge >>
* Israeli startup says its nanotech masks and robes may block coronavirus >>

* China e-commerce giant Alibaba sets up website for coronavirus medical supplies >>
* Israeli startup hopes to battle Alzheimer’s with enzyme-busting drug >>
* Coronavirus: Chinese media confusion over doctor’s death >>

* Welcome to the Roaring 2020s: The Artificial Intelligence Decade >>
* Part 4: When a ‘Service Mesh Lite’ Proxy Is Right for Your Organization >>
* How to Implement Splunk Enterprise On-Premise for a MuleSoft App >>

* TED: What if the poor were part of city planning >>
* ‘A floating prison’: Cruise of Asia ends in coronavirus quarantine for passengers >>
* A retrospective on The History of Work >>

* First SLS Moon Rocket Installed for Test Firing >>
* DevOps Today? Self-Service NoOps Tomorrow! >>
* The social contract in the 21st century >>

* The end of IT in retail? >>
* As Tesla stock soars, Elon Musk hints at another big move for the EV maker >>
* Elon Musk lost nearly $6 billion in one day as Tesla sank 17% >>

* We’ve finally spotted a pattern in mysterious radio blasts from space >>
* The three things we really need to know about the Wuhan coronavirus >>
* Overactive immune cells in babies may lead to childhood asthma >>

* Google Cloud makes strides but still has a long way to go >>
* Christina Koch returns to Earth after a record 328 days in space >>
* A $1 billion initiative aims to bring EV chargers to highways and rural areas >>

* Kellogg’s is trying to survive the cereal apocalypse with snacks and fake meat >>
* Trump touts Space Force, moon and Mars plans in State of the Union address >>
* Private companies aim to help blaze a new trail to the moon >>

* Neutrinos Have Been Detected With Such High Energy That The Standard Model Can’t Explain Them >>
* Registration for Amazon re:MARS is Now Open >>

* Scientists create artificial virus in the fight against superbugs >>
* Researchers successfully test coin-sized smart insulin patch, potential diabetes treatment >>
* Researchers propose new concept for DNA-based nanorobot to fight cancer >>

* Nuro’s new delivery R2 bot gets the first driverless vehicle exemption from feds >>
* Radar trends to watch: February 2020 >>

* It won’t be long before the coronavirus catches up with exuberant stock markets >>
* Hongkongers in panic buying of rice, toilet paper and essentials on impending quarantine >>
* Taiwan halts visas for Hong Kong and Macau citizens >>
* Why the New Coronavirus (Mostly) Spares Children >>
* Will the new coronavirus burn out like SARS … or is it here to stay? >>
* Coronavirus: Why I chose to stay in Wuhan rather than return to the UK >>
* Coronavirus: Why infections from animals are such a deadly problem >>
* Experts Envision Two Scenarios if the New Coronavirus Isn’t Contained >>

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