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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 February 2020

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* Best GPS trackers for cats and dogs >>
* Why 5G is critical to the future of industrial communications >>
* Cybersecurity firms are in good shape as they gear up for RSA 2020 >>

* AI discovers antibiotic that kills even highly resistant bacteria >>
* Sensors are the next big thing in space, not starships >>

* Digital Tax Fight Emerges as Global Economic Threat >>
* First novel coronavirus vaccines begin animal testing >>
* A Tiny Piece of Tape Tricked Teslas Into Speeding Up 50 MPH >>

* Vergecast: Galaxy Z Flip review, Android 11 preview, and a ‘house of brands’ >>
* ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes dies in homemade rocket disaster on mission to prove Earth is flat >>
* 3D Printing of Body Parts Is Coming Fast—but Regulations Are Not Ready >>

* A human-machine collaboration to defend against cyberattacks >>
* Changing what heart cells eat could help them regenerate >>
* Alphabet’s Loon, telecoms unite to boost high-altitude internet >>

* This Technique Uses AI to Fool Other AIs >>

* Clearfield is bringing its fiber expertise to 5G >>
* In depth guide to running Elasticsearch in production >>
* Haven is for people who need a way to protect their personal areas and possessions without compromising their privacy. >>

* Getting Started to Work With Jupyter Notebooks in Visual Studio Code >>
* Here’s How to Read License Plate with 10 Lines of Python >>
* A planet could have been stolen from the solar system as it formed >>

* AI a new and ‘frightening’ battlefield in cyber war, experts warn >>
* Third Row Tesla Podcast – Elon’s Story – Part 1 >>
* EPISODE 387: The Worst Video Game Ever >>

* China wants to build a new space station. A planned launch in April will set the stage. >>
* Rocket glitch fixed, Russia launches satellite to enhance military communications >>
* Coronavirus isn’t stopping China from launching rockets >>

* 2020 PAYMENTS ECOSYSTEM: The trends driving growth and shaping the future of the payments >>

* Researchers in Australia create first coronavirus vaccine candidate >>
* Coronavirus: Wuhan to quarantine all cured patients for 14 days after some test positive again >>
* Coronavirus: Venice Carnival closes as Italy imposes lockdown >>
* Iran rocked by ‘rapid’ coronavirus outbreak >>
* Coronavirus: South Korea declares highest alert as infections surge >>
* Coronavirus may run rampant in some countries least prepared to deal with it. >>

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