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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 February 2020

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* RSA Conference 2020 Kicks Off in San Francisco >>
* The Future Will Be Genetically Engineered >>
* Microsoft reveals more Xbox Series X specs, confirms 12 teraflops GPU >>

* Sony announces its first 5G flagship, the triple lens Xperia 1 II >>
* Wyze is working on a fitness tracker that puts Alexa on your wrist >>
* Uber is testing rooftop ads on its ridesharing fleet >>
* All your base stations belong to us: Intel joins with new 5G chips >>

* Watch Sony’s Xperia event in 7 minutes >>
* Your next tire change could be performed by a robot >>
* MIT helps self-driving cars ‘see’ through snow and fog >>

* Breaking Anaylsis: Cyber Security Update: What to Expect at RSA 2020 >>
* Why are we letting FDA regulations limit number of coronavirus tests? >>
* Forbes Criticizes Airbnb ‘Surveillance Bugs To Make Sure Guests Behave’ >>

* Food-Delivery Companies Look To Mergers and Acquisitions >>
* Fake images can fool autonomous cars, posing risks, Israeli researchers warn >>
* Cisco unveils SecureX cloud platform for improved security visibility >>

* Not MWC: Huawei bolsters its 5G network portfolio >>
* Nasas Insight Mission Proves Mars Is Rocked By Hundreds Of Earthquakes >>
* Were Not Prepared For The End Of Moores Law >>

* Iranian hackers have systematically abused VPN server flaws to plant backdoors >>
* C++20 is completed >>
* Stackery-native provisioned concurrency support, NGINX Controller 3.0, and Algorithmia’s expanded source code management support >>

* VMblog Q&A with Shehzad Merchant of Gigamon at the 2020 RSA Conference >>
* Cloudflare silently deleted my DNS records >>
* When Distribution Trumps Product >>

* Trust nothing: As breaches mount, a radical approach to cybersecurity gains favor >>
* Intel debuts next-generation hardware for 5G networks >>
* Utimaco acquires cryptographic key management firm Geobridge >>

* Cisco unifies cloud security with SecureX >>
* Google beefs up cloud protection with new threat detection, fraud prevention tools >>
* Passwordless authentication is here and there, but not everywhere >>

* Databricks simplifies data management for BI and ML >>
* Sensors: We’re Just Getting Started >>
* AI Trends Responsible for the Rapid Shape-Shifting of the Future >>

* Getting Started With Ballerina >>
* The Cloud Is Dead, Long Live On-Premise >>
* What Happens When You Make Product Decisions to WOW your Customers [A Case Study] >>

* My Logic For Why We’re In A Black Swan Event Includes Risk That We Are Not >>
* Pioneering NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson dies at 101 >>
* Digital payments, chips: Where tech stock investors can find big opportunities after US-China trade war truce >>

* We now know how much our genes influence the risk of contracting HIV >>

* Realme’s X50 Pro is a cheaper 5G flagship with super-fast charging >>
* Microsoft offers a closer look at the next Xbox >>

* Chess champion Garry Kasparov who was replaced by AI says most US jobs are next >>
* This tweet reminded me that driverless cars can still blow our minds >>
* The McLaren GT Costs $250K And Has A Load Of Enviable Features >>

* CV Unethical, Convert Schemas, Multiplayer Live-Coding Audio, and ML Risk Analysis >>
* Huawei’s Mate Xs is a tougher foldable phone lacking the apps you want >>
* China Roundup: Amid coronavirus, tech firms offer ways to maintain China’s lifeblood >>

* Scientists Found Breathable Oxygen in Another Galaxy for the First Time >>
* Literature regarding epidemics and political stability? >>

* Coronavirus: World should prepare for pandemic, says WHO >>
* You’re Likely to Get the Coronavirus >>
* Covid-19: Our chance to contain the coronavirus may already be over >>

* Coronavirus update: Global markets plunge as epidemic spreads to Italy >>
* First Europeans die from coronavirus in Italy >>
* Coronavirus fears hit markets, bringing US shares down as tech and SaaS slip >>

* Cactus Outdoor launches wool face mask amid global shortage >>
* Coronavirus email hoax led to violent protests in Ukraine >>

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