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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 February 2020

* Bosch Gets Smartglasses Right With Tiny Eyeball Lasers >>
* Tesla’s stock surge adds $15 billion to Elon Musk’s fortune >>
* SpaceX asks permission to take Starship on a high-altitude test flight >>

* Dyson patents a wearable air purifier that doubles as headphones >>
* Google Photos bug sent private videos to strangers >>

* Iowa caucus: Chaos at key vote as results delayed >>
* Election tech was supposed to clean up the Iowa caucus — instead, it may have killed it >>
* A voting app by Shadow Inc. takes center stage at chaotic Iowa caucuses >>

* Microsoft Teams went down because of an expired certificate >>
* Monday.com 2.0 workflow platform lets companies build custom apps >>
* NASA sets 2022 for air quality sensor that will provide hourly updates across US >>

* The Navy Is Arming Nuclear Subs With Lasers. No One Knows Why. >>
* YouTube is a $15 billion-a-year business, Google reveals for the first time >>
* Blue Origin will test moon lander engine at Air Force rocket lab >>

* AutoAI set to make it easy to create machine learning algorithms >>
* Hulu restructures under Disney, CEO Randy Freer departs >>
* Nvidia’s play-anywhere GeForce Now service is finally here, and it demolishes Google Stadia >>

* Legal action could be used to stop Starlink ruining telescope images >>
* Yarn grown from human skin cells could be knitted into your body >>
* This AI-Guided Drone Has Mapped One of Earth’s Deepest Subterranean Lakes >>

* Chinese employees working from home crash office apps amid outbreak >>
* Deadly coronavirus ‘could spread widely through Hong Kong’ as three new cases confirmed >>
* Wuhan coronavirus is now found on doorknobs >>
* Coronavirus: China predicts fall in mortality rate as mainland deaths hit 425 >>
* Coronavirus cases ‘doubling every five days’ as world battles spread of disease >>
* Amid Coronavirus Fears A Mask Shortage Could Spread Globally >>
* China, Desperate to Stop Coronavirus, Turns Neighbor Against Neighbor >>
* Coronavirus Crisis Shows China’s Governance Failure >>
* Coronavirus: ‘We may have no clothes left to sell’ >>
* Does Wearing a Face Mask Really Help Protect Against Coronavirus and Other Illnesses? >>
* ‘It’s chaos’: Hong Kong’s domestic workers call for help amid coronavirus outbreak >>

* TED Marc Miskin explain how to design and mass-produce microrobots size of single cell >>
* The Iowa Caucus Tech Meltdown Is a Warning >>
* Google makes it easier to buy its Glass headset for workers >>

* How McKinsey Destroyed the Middle Class >>

* Hackers Exploited Twitter Bug to Find Linked Phone Numbers of Users >>
* What Is (Real) Artificial Intelligence? >>
* When Connections are Magic Understanding Performance in Serverless >>

* What is going on with Tesla? >>
* Apple’s TV App and Apple TV+ arrive on 2019 LG TVs >>
* Does the US have too many spaceports, or too few? >>

* Drones, 5G, Video: China’s Digital Virus Response >>
* A 6G Arms Race May Define the 2020s >>
* Vodafone Boasts Dynamic 5G Breakthrough >>

* Nokia Offers 5G Automation With Next Gen OSS >>
* Rebel Talent >>
* Kubernetes the Easy Way – DevOps Series, Part 14 >>

* Wind River and T-Systems Deliver 5G Cloud Network Management >>
* Rancher Labs Achieves 169% Revenue Growth, Doubles Customer Base in 2019 as Kubernetes Management Market Matures >>
* China Is About to Find Out Whether Its Mass Quarantine Worked >>

* How Cisco handles security threats within an increasingly complex digital world >>
* The Game of Cloud 2: The cloudification of networking >>
* Red Hat OpenShift Update w/ Brian Gracely >>

* Phones to expect at MWC and beyond: Huawei Mate XS, Honor View 30 Pro, OnePlus 8, and more >>
* Research: How 5G will transform business >>
* Deploy Your Machine Learning Model as a REST API >>

* How 5G and edge computing fit into the future of Intel’s traditionally chip-focused lineup >>
* No One Can Explain Why Planes Stay In The Air >>
* Millennium Management: Secure machine learning using Amazon SageMaker >>

* As Expected B-21 Stealth Bomber Looks Similar to B-2 Bomber >>
* Reconfigurable Robot Can Climb Up Its Own Track >>
* Assembly and Manufacturing in Space >>

* NASA Developing Robots to Enable Assembly of Solar Arrays on the Moon >>
* How Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon became the most manipulative advertisers on TV >>
* Why does Tesla’s stock keep going up? Even investment experts are baffled >>

* Alphabet earnings show Google Cloud on $10B run rate >>
* Balancing Competing Loyalties >>
* Create KPIs That Reflect Your Strategic Priorities >>

* Elon Musk Announces AI Party/Hackathon At His Home With Tesla AI/Autopilot Team >>
* How Family Businesses Can Attract Non-Family Talent >>
* The Rise of Humans >>

* Watch-Sized Device Tracks Your Health Via Sweat >>
* Scanning the brain to understand stuttering >>
* Ask the Google Assistant to find your keys with Tile >>

* Google is trialing an automated print subscription for Photos >>
* E-Compass offers GNSS, inertial receiver >>

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