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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 January 2017

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* Amazon asks the FCC for permission to run secret wireless tests >>
* Microsoft HoloLens Review: Winning The Reality Wars >>
* Japan’s Small Experimental Rocket Fails to Launch Tiny Satellite >>

* In Davos, Bracing for a Shifting U.S. Stance on Climate Change >>
* RBC’s chief US market strategist sees a ‘continued upside’ to stocks through 2017 >>
* How Davos Brings the Global Elite Together >>

* Ben Marlow: It’s time for Davos to come up with some answers >>
* Jets and mannequin heads: Just another day at Dyson’s campus >>

* An Earth-Sized Telescope Is About to ‘See’ a Black Hole For the First Time >>
* The 2017 Detroit Auto Show In Pictures >>

* Woman’s blood pressure before conception could influence sex of child >>
* This robot vacuum doesn’t cut corners, it cleans them >>
* This $100 million monstrous excavator can dig up 240,000 tons of rock a day >>

* You should read this super-interesting AMA with AI researcher Joanna Bryson >>
* Want to stick to your New Year resolutions? Move house, say scientists >>
* The coolest concept cars from CES >>

* Samsung Suddenly Reveals Galaxy S8 In New Videos >>
* Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Has A Serious Problem >>
* ‘Superbug’ Resistant To 26 Antibiotics Kills A Patient In Nevada >>

* D-Wave Open Sources Its Quantum Computing Tool >>
* Porn Pirate Sites Use ‘Backdoor’ to Host Videos on YouTube >>
* Here’s How The Fastest Lava In The World Will Annihilate You >>

* Gadget boom sees e-waste in Asia spike 63 per cent in 5 years >>
* The Man Who’s Trying to Kill Dark Matter >>
* Udacity launches deep learning nanodegree foundation program >>

* The Importance of Continuing Development of 3D Printing Techniques in Membrane Fabrication >>
* Gillmor Gang: Cold Turkey >>
* The Genius Who Lived in a Storage Locker for $200 a Month Was Evicted >>

* Freak Bird Flu Outbreak Prompts NYC to Quarantine All 500 Shelter Cats >>
* Cartapping: How Feds Have Spied On Connected Cars For 15 Years >>
* Nintendo Really Is Using A Phone App For The Switch’s Voice Chat >>

* Thousands Of Cubans Now Have Internet Access >>
* Technology can’t replace the human touch >>
* As Self-Driving Cars Approach, the Auto Industry Races to Rebuild >>

* Piracy Notices? There Shouldn’t Be Many UK Torrent Users Left to Warn >>
* Breakthrough in fixing a broken heart: Researchers use stem cells to regenerate the outer layer of organ in groundbreaking research >>

* Forget Steve Jobs, this was the best presentation of all time >>
* This 12-million-gallon ‘indoor ocean’ can simulate the world’s worst wave conditions >>
* What Would Happen in the Minutes and Hours After the US Invaded Canada? >>

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