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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 January 2017

* Honda’s New Experimental Motorcycle Can Balance All By Itself Like Magic >>
* Adults’ Brains Are Built To Recognize Faces Better Than Kids’ Brains >>
* Dell’s New 2-1 Laptop Charges Wirelessly >>

* This HoloLamp Projector Lets You See AR Holograms Without Using Glasses >>
* Sony’s Life Space UX projector is the coolest magazine rack you’ve ever seen >>
* Meet ‘Prosthesis’, 14ft-tall ‘anti-robot’ can carry human and run 50mph SILENTLY >>

* SmartyPans tracks your meal’s nutrition as you cook it >>
* This Smart Baby Camera Can See When an Infant Stops Breathing >>
* Meet the de-odour drone: Craft can fly around the home and clean the air – while hi-tech shoe insert can stop stinky feet >>

* The White House Is Officially Worried About a Deadly Asteroid Impact >>
* Google is thinking about bringing digital payment services to India >>
* Willow’s smart breast pumps slide into moms’ bras >>

* Honda’s Safe Swarm concept has cars mimicking fish for safer driving >>
* Honda’s NeuV is a mini electric concept car with emotional intelligence >>
* Yes, this TV really is transparent >>

* Apple is Investing $1 Billion In SoftBank >>
* Is this Samsung’s Galaxy S8? Leaked photo reveals curved gold handset – and no home button >>

* I took a nap on Sleep Number’s auto-adjusting smart bed >>
* Griffin connects your toast to your phone >>

* CES 2017: Intel’s VR visions >>
* Razer laptop has two extra 4K screens that fold out like wings >>
* This VR Hypersuit Could Change VR as We Know It >>

* Smart Cube turns any drawer into a Bluetooth-controlled lockbox >>
* Sony’s $25K projector fulfills the dream of putting a screen anywhere >>
* Intel shows off new Project Alloy headset for “merged reality”, to ship in Q4 >>

* CrowdAI sells artificial-intelligence-as-a-service >>
* NASA’s Psyche Mission to a Primordial Metal Asteroid: The Core of an Extinct Planet >>

* Google, Microsoft, labs and start-ups will create universal quantum computers in 2017 and achieve quantum supremacy over classical computers >>
* China invests in solar, wind, hydro and natural gas for energy but will still be mainly reliant on coal >>
* Panasonic Shows Off A Bendable Lithium-ion Battery for IoT, Wearables >>

* Nvidia and Audi Say They’ll Field a Level 4 Autonomous Car in Three Years >>
* MEMS LIDAR chip for less than $250 will make affordable self driving cars >>
* NASA Is Sending a Probe to Explore Jupiter’s Mysterious Trojan Asteroids >>

* Pinpointing a Fast Radio Burst >>
* Next Step for Trello Adds Customizable Checklists to Your Trello Cards >>
* Crossing the AI chasm >>

* Honda’s Riding Assist gives motorcycles balance tricks from its Asimo bot >>
* BMW, Intel, and Mobileye to unleash 40 self-driving cars on U.S. roads >>
* DeepMind’s updated AlphaGo has been secretly savaging pro players online >>

* Toyota’s Research Institute head says full autonomous driving is “not even close” >>
* With the Concept-i, Toyota remembers people actually like driving >>
* Brain’s face recognition area grows much bigger as we get older >>

* This VR simulator lets you fly through the air like a superhero >>
* Nasa Orders Additional Astronaut Taxi Flights From Boeing And Spacex To The Iss >>

* Nanowires Offer Low-Cost Printed Electronics >>
* Gigafactory Battery-cell production begins >>
* Breathalyzer Distinguishes Among 17 Diseases at Once >>

* Electronic Device Markets Seen as Stagnant in 2017 >>
* Intel just announced a perfect way to upgrade smart gadgets >>
* Hands-On at CES With Intel’s Project Alloy Standalone VR Headset >>

* Don’t be afraid of the HDR format wars >>
* The Dobby 4K drone launches and lands from the palm of your hand >>

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