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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 January 2017

* Gene-silencing spray lets us modify plants without changing DNA >>
* All of Human Knowledge Buried in a Salt Mine >>
* DARPA’s Biotech Chief Says 2017 Will “Blow Our Minds” >>

* Ambarella’s New 4K and 8K Imaging Chips Could Have Big Benefits for VR >>
* The iPhone’s legacy, 10 years later >>
* AI might handpick your customer service rep >>

* This TV could be over 1,000 feet long >>
* Microsoft expands its experimental projects program The Garage to Cambridge, India & China >>
* DARPA drone flew for 56 hours and landed with over half its fuel so looks close to achieving 7 days without refueling >>

* ‘Tooth repair drug’ may replace fillings >>
* This 23-year-old invented a gel that stops bleeding in seconds >>
* Next-gen Samsung EV battery gets 300+ miles of range from a 20-minute charge >>

* Amazon integrates Alexa with meal delivery service >>
* Gene-sequencing giant Illumina is teaming up with IBM Watson to analyse your genes >>
* Uber debuts Movement, a new website offering access to its traffic data >>

* Tesla to Take Its Biggest Step Toward Fully Autonomous Cars Tomorrow >>
* Hubble Shows What’s in Store for the Incredible Voyager Probes >>
* Trump Just Dismissed the People in Charge of Maintaining Our Nuclear Arsenal >>

* Where has and where will the Mundane Singularity provide the most disruption ? >>
* CRISPR could make designer babies and help with many diseases and more >>
* Some interesting talks on AI >>

* Prediction that 2017 will not be the investment win year for AI, VR and driverless cars >>
* Another informative talk by Aubrey de Grey on life extension >>
* Celebrating 9 Years of ROS, the Robot Operating System >>

* Scientists Have Finally Figured Out How To Spin Artificial Silk The Way Spiders Do >>
* Inside LAX’s New Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Unit >>
* Massive drop in London HIV rates may be due to internet drugs >>

* LG Threatens To Put Wi-Fi in Every Appliance it Introduces in 2017 >>
* MIT’s 3D graphene is ten times stronger than steel >>
* At 50, CES is a show in transition >>

* To Improve Your Sense of Direction, Lose the Technology >>
* The Exoplanet Revolution Turns 25 >>
* Nissan uses NASA rover tech to remotely oversee autonomous car >>

* ‘Alien megastructure’ signal may be due to star eating a planet >>
* Zapping the brain really does seem to improve depression >>
* Amazon Echos activated by TV comment >>

* The incredible moment a group of monkeys communicate with a ROBOT baby that they think is one of their own >>
* Virtual reality glasses recognises objects and ‘tracks’ their whereabouts for the wearer >>
* iPhone 8 rumor roundup >>

* HTC Vive completely dazzled me with its new accessories and headsets >>
* Obama says push toward clean energy is ‘irreversible’ >>
* This dinosaur toy is an Amazon Echo for kids >>

* Beyond ‘Brogrammers’: Can AI create a meritocracy? >>
* Inauguration Day is in less than 2 weeks — and Trump has taken few steps to disentangle from his private empire >>
* SpaceX is super-cooling its rocket fuel colder than anyone else — and why that could be a problem >>

* The birth of half-human, half-animal chimeras >>
* Preparing for a World that Doesn’t Exist – Yet: Framing a Second Enlightenment to Create Communities of the Future >>
* Google’s new self-driving minivans will be hitting the road at the end of January 2017 >>

* The Navy’s New Robot Boats Swarm the Enemy on Their Own >>
* Very Large Telescope To Be Upgraded For Alpha Centauri Planets Search | Video >>
* Poor Weather Pushes Spacex Return Debut With Revolutionary Iridium Relay Sats To Jan. 14 >>

* Microsoft unveils more Windows 10 Creators Update features >>

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