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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 January 2017

* How Far to That Galaxy? Thousands of Cosmic Distances Now Catalogued >>
* Incredible New Image Shows the Earth and Moon From Mars >>
* DARPA tests buoy network for fallback military comms at sea >>

* Forget 4K — The Insta360 Pro Is An 8K 360-Degree VR Camera >>
* IBM predicts 5 life-changing innovations in the next 5 years >>
* This flappy bird-drone keeps airports safe >>

* Get ready for the virtual reality GYM: Icaros ‘active VR’ gives you a full-body workout as you swivel to control flight >>
* Polaroid just reinvented its iconic camera >>
* $14,000 kitchen garden that does all the work for you and even plays MUSIC for your herbs >>

* Hair Cells Could Heal Skin Sans Scars >>
* ISS gets power up: Spacewalking astronauts (and robot) upgrade station with new batteries >>
* Swagtron’s newest rideable is all wet, but in a good way >>

* Single-wheeled GeoBlade electric skateboard is straight out of a sci-fi movie >>
* Congratulations NYC, you finally have Wi-Fi and cell phone service in all subway stations >>
* TVs at CES are disappearing before our eyes >>

* As Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ Shines At CES, Jeff Bezos Gets $1.3 Billion Richer In A Day >>
* Sensor-Laden Remote Control Knows Where You’re Pointing It >>
* This robot can beat you at chess, then serve you coffee >>

* The robot that can transform INFINITELY: CellRobot uses connectable spheres to build unique designs >>
* Smart bikinis that monitor UV exposure, vibrating jeans point you in right direction and boxer shorts that protect from radiation >>

* Tiny nanoelectrodes record brain’s activity without damaging it >>
* New NASA Image Reveals Highest Concentration of Supermassive Objects Ever Seen >>
* Levitating’ Moon Dust Explained in New NASA Study >>

* Graphene-Girded Interconnects Could Enable Next Gen Chips >>
* UK building $38 million combat laser prototype by 2019 and field lasers in mid-2020s >>
* CES 2017: Talk to the Fridge (and either Amazon Alexa or Google might answer back) >>

* CES 2017: Why Every Social Robot at CES Looks Alike >>
* F-35 To Go To School For Trillion-Dollar Planes That Can’t Take Off Good >>
* Donald Trump Doesn’t Even Know Which Mexican Toyota Plant To Be Mad About >>

* When Trump Attacks: How Companies And Countries Should Handle A Presidential Twitter Tirade >>
* Facebook hires Campbell Brown to forge media partnerships >>
* LG Robots Will Keep Airports Clean And Make Sure You Don’t Miss Your Flight >>

* Here’s what it’s like to drive with Toyota’s Yui AI in-car assistant >>
* We tried virtual reality ‘shoes’ and they were kind of weird >>
* Rodney Hide: Bring on the driverless cars >>

* Microsoft To Revamp Windows 10 UI With Upcoming ‘Project Neon’ Update, Leaked Images Show >>
* Why Robotics Will Change Agriculture >>
* Samsung’s 32-bit wireless speaker is sleek and loud >>

* The Honda NeuV concept car is a glimpse into the company’s future >>
* What’s it like to attend CES? Video tour >>
* China Probing Spacetime in Tibet’s Himalayas –Constructing What Could Become the World’s Top Gravitational-Wave-Telescope Complex >>

* Faa Accepts Accident Report, Grants Spacex License For Falcon 9 ‘return To Flight’ >>
* Elon Musk says Trump will support both renewables and fossil fuels and FAA clears Spacex to launch >>
* MIT makes compressed graphene sponge material that is 20 times less dense than steel but 10 times stronger, light as stryofoam but stronger than steel >>

* Video Friday: Expressive Robot, Luke Arm, and Cyborg Moth >>
* Here’s what the most expensive headphones in the world sound like >>
* You can buy this 100 mph drone — try not to hurt anyone >>

* From Tape Drives to Memory Orbs, the Data Formats of Star Wars Suck (Spoilers) >>

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