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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 January 2017

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* SpaceX Nails 1st Stage Landing Again In Return To Flight | Video >>
* Seeing the future of quantum systems allows for longer entanglement >>
* The company that wants to mine the Moon has enough money for its first trip there >>

* Mini fire extinguishers inside lithium batteries may stop blazes >>
* IBM predicts 5 technologies for 2022 which includes hyperimaging and AI will give us superhero vision >>

* Fat can be used to Help Wounds Heal Without Scars, skin regeneration and not scarring >>
* $13 billion Ford Carrier is now scheduled for deliver in April 2017 >>
* Video Friday: Drone Aerodynamics, Spy Monkey, and Brain-Controlled Robot >>

* For $8,000 this startup will fill your veins with the blood of young people >>
* SpaceX lost a quarter of a billion dollars after one of its rockets blew up >>

* Crossbar ReRAM in Production chasing terabyte nonvolatile memories at sub-20 nanosecond read and write >>
* Viruses May Be Responsible For Life As We Know It >>
* No, Scientists Didn’t Turn Mice Into Killer Zombies >>

* Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming 48-Volt Electrical Revolution In Cars >>
* Scientists Made Something Colder Than Ever Thought Possible >>
* We Were Wrong About the Moon’s Age >>

* The Moon Is Older Than We Thought, Says New Study >>
* SpaceX hopes satellite internet business will pad thin rocket launch margins >>

* Windows 10 Creators update tracks your work on multiple PCs >>
* Smoking Boosted Boards recalled over battery issues >>
* Probing the function of key proteins >>

* Scientists recreate the outer layer of the heart with stem cells >>
* Fitness meets VR gaming with this badass flying machine >>
* You can catch a self-driving shuttle bus in Vegas to help you get over your bad decisions >>

* How Do Brain Cells Tell Us Where We’re Going? >>
* The MEGASHARK died out because it was a picky eater >>
* Is this how the dinosaurs REALLY died out? Researchers reconstruct the dark and frozen conditions on Earth after asteroid megastrike >>

* Why does snow ALWAYS plunge Britain into transport chaos? A scientist explains >>
* Netflix climbs to an all-time high ahead of earnings >>
* Cellular Reprogramming Rejuvenates Old Mice and Boosts Lifespans 30% >>

* Netflix might have hit a ceiling in the US — and its key to growth could be traditional TV >>
* Race to make vaccine for the PLAGUE amid fears terrorists could be turning it into a weapon to wipe out millions >>
* SpaceX Returns to Flight with 10-Satellite Launch, Rocket Landing >>

* Woman Killed by a Superbug Resistant to Every Available Antibiotic >>
* Poker AI competes to beat top players in no-limit game >>
* WhatsApp vulnerability allows snooping on encrypted messages >>

* New device could lead to tiny ‘DNA photocopiers’ >>
* Voice-controlled devices shift tech industry >>
* Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know >>

* Kaggle hosting $1M competition to improve lung cancer detection with machine learning >>
* Demand for secret messaging apps is rising as Trump takes office >>
* What Will The Voyager Spacecraft Encounter Next? Hubble Helps Provide A Roadmap >>

* To the Moon! Private Team Fully Funded for Google Lunar X Prize Race >>
* NASA Asteroid Missions Face Delays and Restructuring >>
* Stars At The Edge Of Our Galaxy May Have Been Stolen >>

* Calculating the Full Cost of Electricity—From Power Plant to Wall Socket >>
* Supremely Small BICSEL Laser Traps Light in Open Air >>
* Land On Titan With Huygens In Beautiful New Video >>

* Every Trump tweet activates thousands of computer algorithms >>
* Tracking Trump’s Web of Conflicts >>
* Peter Thiel on Trump, Seasteading and making futures more like the Jetsons or Star Trek >>
* How the military is preparing for the possibility of a very different kind of Commander in Chief. >>
* Donald Trump will break the presidential mold, so always expect the unexpected >>

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