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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 January 2017

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* 20-cent whirligig toy can replace a $1,000 medical centrifuge >>
* AI ‘friends’ will help you pass the time on autonomous drives >>
* 103 Perdix Microdrone swarms by FA18 Super Hornets >>

* Illumina Introduces the NovaSeq Series—a New Architecture Designed to Usher in the $100 Genome sequence >>
* Proposals for new stellerator fusion designs and projects in the 2020s >>
* NRAM forecasted to consolidate DRAM with Flash memory to disrupt enterprise storage starting in 2018 >>

* A World-Renowned Futurist Reveals The Hotel Of The Future >>
* ‘Flying water taxis’ that surf 2ft above rivers could soon transport commuters in Paris and San Francisco >>
* Rise of the robot interrogator: Experts say AIs will soon understand our emotions – and could do everything from give therapy to quiz terrorists >>

* DARPA expects big wins in 2017 from their biotech projects >>
* DARPA wants to be able scale up agricultural crop modification within one year instead of 15 years >>
* Graphene Temporary Tattoo Tracks Vital Signs >>

* Old networks can hobble IoT, even in tech paradise >>
* Home robot to nudge older people to stay social and active >>
* Apollo 14 gems reveal moon is 4.51 billion years old >>

* Today’s Moment of Zen –Powering ISS, a Six-Hour Space Walk (WATCH) >>
* Garnet Planets Would Be Hostile to Life >>
* The Chinese Bubble >>

* NASA: New Search Technology for Detecting Life on Alien Worlds –“10,000 Times More Powerful” >>
* Beautiful Galaxy Collision Captured by Hubble Telescope >>
* ‘Smashing’ Galaxy Clusters Release ‘Amazing Amounts of Energy’ | Video >>

* NASA’s Most Powerful Rocket Just Hit a Critical Milestone >>
* This Bumblebee Is The First To Become Endangered—but It Won’t Be The Last >>
* Binary star bash-up should add new light to Northern Cross in 2022 >>

* These True Wireless Earbuds Won’t Fall Out Of Your Ear >>
* Your Windows 10 PC may soon lock itself when you walk away >>
* Norway is killing FM radio and folks aren’t happy >>

* Armed with startup data, Crunchbase looks back on 2016 to predict what’s coming >>
* Smart bodysuit takes super-soldier tech and gives it to your grandma >>
* We Won’t Even Know If A Robot Takes Your Job >>

* Air Force Tests IBM’s Brain-Inspired Chip as an Aerial Tank Spotter >>
* CES 2017: Key trends >>
* Is Urine Actually Sterile? >>

* Japan Has A Plan To Remove Large Pieces of Space Junk From Orbit, But Will It Work? >>
* Will Apple deliver AR glasses this year? >>
* BMW’s new concept car interior will knock your socks off >>

* The 16p paper pinwheel that separates blood in 90 seconds and can diagnose diseases anywhere in the world >>
* Google for the dark web: The US Government tech that could scour the hidden internet for criminal activity >>

* Ancient Retroviruses Emerged Half a Billion Years Ago >>
* The mysterious star where it rains COMETS >>
* Tesla hires Apple engineer to work on autopilot software >>

* Google is killing its solar-powered internet drone program >>
* Nanoarray sniffs out and distinguishes multiple diseases >>
* A new method for quick and precise measurement of quantum states >>

* Obama Urges Americans Not to Take Democracy for Granted >>
* Key Points From Donald Trump’s First Press Conference Since His Election >>
* Lawmakers broach possible Trump campaign coordination with Russia >>
* Russia Hacked ‘Older’ Republican Emails, FBI Director Says >>
* Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Nominee Rex Tillerson Calls Russia a ‘Danger’ to Nation >>
* Alleged Russia Memo On Trump Pits Journalism’s Business Needs Against Its Ethics >>
* Unverified report claims Russia tried to recruit U.S. tech entrepreneur >>
* Penthouse Offers $1 Million For Compromising Trump Tapes >>
* Internet Calls On Melania To Dump Donald After Intelligence Report Claims >>
* Overrated? Loser? Not if It’s Trump Who Calls You Out >>
* Trump brands claims of compromising material ‘sick and phoney’ >>
* Trump team refuses to completely drop business ties: ‘The president-elect should not be expected to destroy the company he built’ >>

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