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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 June 2015

* Lexus hoverboard: Does it really levitate? >>
* You can now eat food made by a 3D printer >>
* Messenger no longer requires Facebook account >>

* Robot could help stroke patients move around again >>
* Gmail lets you ‘undo’ your mistakes >>
* Disabled people remotely pilot robot in another country with their thoughts >>

* Startup’s Lightbulbs Also Stream Music >>
* Blood test for pancreatic cancer could catch disease in time >>
* Sound-wave Chip Might Shrink The Lab >>

* The First 3D Printed Supercar >>
* Partner Presentation: The Future of Money >>
* Water splitter produces clean-burning hydrogen fuel 24/7 >>

* Bionic eye clinical trial results: long-term safety, efficacy >>
* Will China be ground zero for joblosses from Robots ? >>

* Here’s How Men Make 200 Million Sperm Every Day >>
* New Google X Wearable Could Change How We Understand Human Health >>
New manufacturing process cuts lithium-ion battery cost in half >>

* You Can Finally Put Microsoft Office for Android on Your Smartphone >>
* Honest trailer for Terminator 2 shows how it ruined sequels forever >>
* Self-healing Material Could Instantly Fix Airplane Wings Mid-flight >>

* Researchers Track Unemployment Trends Using Cellphone Data >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* First look at Independence Day: Resurgence, your deadly serious ID4 sequel >>

* Microsoft To Supply Windows 10 On USB Flash Drives For Faster Installation >>
* Vivint rolls out 100Mbps wireless home Internet service for $60 per month >>
* Biomimicry Could Lead To Solar Cells That Store Energy For Several Weeks, New Study Says >>

* One firm pictures the Hyperloop with swanky first-class cabins >>
* Find Out If You Get a Free Upgrade to Windows 10 with This Flowchart >>

* Get ready for the leap second – it could be the last one ever >>
* Camera zooms can get so ridiculously close it’s scary >>
* UK plans world’s first artificial blood transfusions by 2017 >>

* Mouse Senses Magnetic Fields Possibly via Quantum Processes >>
* Why-rna-world-theory-on-origin-of-life-may-be-wrong-after-all >>
* Selection for a ‘speed gene’ behind increase in racehorse speed >>
* Programmed Bacteria Can Detect Tumors >>

* You Can Turn Yourself Into a Cartoon With Adobe’s Latest Software >>
* Mars Astronauts Could See Blue Auroras on Red Planet >>
* Chemical Battery Can Recharge Itself With Light >>

* NASA Wants Help Training Valkyrie Robots to Go to Mars >>
* Alien ‘Warm Neptune’ Loses Atmosphere While Transiting Star | Animation >>
* Europe Demonstrates Multi-Mission Re-Entry Craft | Video >>

* “Freak of the Milky Way” –Neutron Star at the Heart of a Bizarre Supernova >>
* NASA: “Black Holes are Dark Matter Concentrators” >>
* Capturing Sedna: A Close Stellar Encounter? >>

* Google Partners With MIT And Harvard To Bring Genome Analysis Tool To Cloud Platform >>
* A Chip That Mimics Human Organs Is The Design Of The Year >>
* Lawrence Livermore able to scale antimatter production with more powerful lasers >>

* Can the Bacteria in Your Gut Explain Your Mood? >>
* Announcing the Interactive Blog for the 2015 Graduate Studies Program >>
* African Lion Populations Down 42 Percent in Past 21 Years >>

* Extreme Temperatures Linked to Changing Air Patterns >>
* What is artificial blood and why is the UK going to trial it? >>
* Crave a burger? Soon, a 3-D printer could make it >>

* Hubble spots hydrogen cloud around exoplanet >>
* The smart home of our dreams is almost here >>
* Vitamin B12 screws with your skin bacteria and could cause acne >>

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