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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 June 2015

* This device tracks cancer growth >>
* 3D printer to help build girl’s nose >>

* Why Amazon’s Echo Personal Assistant Is Worth Buying >>
* Psychosurgeons Use Lasers To Burn Away Mental Illness >>
* Brain–Brain Interface Allows Humans To Control Cockroaches With Their Minds >>

* New Google and CMU Moonshot: the ‘Teacherless Classroom’ >>
* Windows 10’s futuristic wallpaper was created with lasers, smoke machines, and crystal dust >>
* This wireless hotspot has room for 10 SIM cards for LTE roaming >>

* ‘Terminator Genisys’ will feature first-ever in-theatre interactive game at select theatres >>
* Scientists are having robots play ‘Minecraft’ to learn about human logic >>
* SpaceX is going to try a revolutionary rocket landing this Sunday — here’s how to watch >>

* 5G networks look to new frequencies to deliver gigabit speeds >>
* Google’s Latest Self-Driving Car Prototypes Are Now On Mountain View Streets >>
* Google’s unique self-driving cars hit the streets of Mountain View >>

* This Is SpaceX’s Second Barge, Preparing to Catch a Rocket on Sunday >>
* The Wireless Charging Future Is Getting Closer To Reality >>
* Man the New Windows 10 Background Is Annoying >>

* Venture Money Flows to Space Startups >>
* A Stretchable, Bendable, and More Powerful Smart-Watch Battery >>
* Self-Assembling Robotic Gun Will Shoot Through Tissue Inside Your Body >>

* Can an Algorithm Hire Better Than a Human? >>
* Samsung Invention could take Smart TV to a whole new Level >>
* Google’s next data center will be a converted coal plant >>

* Nano Satellites Work with Ground Sensors to Offer New Eye on Disaster Relief and Agriculture >>
* New Mode of Transmission May Double Fiber Optic Capacity >>
* Graphene’s Prospect in Biosensing Just Got a Boost >>

* Google Tech Talk video by Feynman Prize Winner >>
* Safety app, device let users sneakily alert friends, authorities when in danger >>

* Build an Early-Warning System for Your Bike >>
* Carbon Glow of Galaxies At ‘Cosmic Dawn’ Observed >>
* Earth and Mars May Have Shared Seeds of Life >>

* Beaming ‘Wafer’ Probes to the Stars >>
* Closing in on 50 years of being wrong – Paul Ehrlich says again environmental collapse is coming >>
* Two-Stage NASA Sounding Rocket Goes Sub-Orbital | Video >>

* America’s First New Nuclear Plant in 30 Years Is Well Under Way >>
* Netflix Is About to Be Bigger Than ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox >>
* NASA’s Earth Observatory captured this picture of something surprising in the Pacific: lava flows >>

* Smartphone Battery Drains a Lot Even with Dark Screen >>
* Graphene: Looking beyond the Hype >>
* Our eye sockets give us a wider field of view than other apes >>

* Broken Dreams: The Boeing 787 >>
* Watch Endless Gifs All Day With Tumblr Tv >>
* Gentle sex? Females just as feisty as males over reproduction >>

* Which Future Are We Heading Towards: Mad Max Or Star Trek? >>
* Future-iPhones-could-come-with-a-bendy-screen >>
* NHS to test blood made in a laboratory http://www.bbc.com/news/health-33270334 >>

* Google Founder Sergey Brin, Wife Anne Wojcicki, Quietly Divorce >>
* ‘Mr. Robot’: USA Network’s Hi-Tech Computer Hacker TV Show Starring Rami Malek Premieres Tonight >>
* Microsoft’s CEO just laid out the company’s new mission in an email to all employees >>

* Scientists finally found this insane-looking worm’s head after searching for decades >>
* Scientists put cameras on sharks — and found something surprising >>

* The Way Humans Get Electricity Is About to Change Forever >>

* Breakthrough graphene production could trigger revolution in artificial skin development >>
* Giving atoms their marching orders with nanotubes >>
* The world’s first full-color, flexible skin-like display >>

* Using lasers to see the shape of molecules >>
* This 3D Printed Machine Allows You to Make French Fries and Potato Chips at Home >>
* Honda’s Gravity Modification Research >>

* The ‘smart’ insulin patch that might one day replace injections for diabetic patients >>
* Eye-tracking Fove headset gets Samsung investment >>

* Microsoft CEO says ‘magical things’ and ‘tough choices’ are ahead >>
* What is the largest possible inhabitable world? >>
* The road to Mars: NASA’s next 30 years >>

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