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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 June 2015

* Does a Multiverse Fermi Paradox Disprove the Multiverse? >>
* Project Will Make Clothes Cool So You Don’t Need the AC >>
* A New High-Res 3D Printer Can Print Objects Smaller Than Blood Cells >>

* Autoliv’s Automated Emergency Brake Works Almost Too Well >>
* Next-Gen Pacemakers May Be Powered by the Beating of a Heart >>
* Google’s New Health Wearable Delivers Constant Patient Monitoring >>

* Rent-a-drone Service Launches In Beta >>
* Scientist’s cool clothes dryer uses vibration, not heat >>
* Abortion Drone Is the Best Drone >>

* Students’ invention offers germ-free door handle >>
* Scientists just took a huge step to understand one of the body’s most mysterious organs >>
* Amazon Echo, other voice assistants could be making us lazy >>

* Moonshots for Planes: NASA’s Got Out-There Concepts for Aviation Too >>
* Watson’s AI-created recipe app goes live >>
* With 300 kilometres per second to new electronics >>

* Mice of Mars: Rodents Pave Way to Red Planet >>
* Valleytronics Development Could Lead to New Approaches for Spintronics and Quantum Computing >>
* Dwave commercializes 1152 qubit chip but there are 2048 physical qubits >>

* Google to offer free version of Google Play Music >>
* Google’s New Device Will Help Your Doctor Track Your Health >>
* Transparent trucks with rear mounted samsung safety-screens-set-to-save-overtaking-drivers >>
* Manus Machina Is Building Gaming Gloves For VR >>

* Apple takes a greater role in Bluetooth development >>
* The 56 TV flops of 2015 so far >>
* The Internet of Things You Don’t Really Need >>

* Placemeter Uses Computer Vision To Help Businesses And Cities Measure Vehicle And Pedestrian Traffic >>
* 4K UHD Digest: 4K Sport And Gaming Grows, HDR Gets Real, New Netflix 4K Shows, 4K In Space >>
* Robots could one day give factory workers super strength >>

* Will Millimeter Waves Maximize 5G Wireless? >>
* Fighting climate change is opportunity to improve public health >>
* Robo-roach rolls its curved back to wriggle through cracks >>

* Facebook can recognize hidden faces >>
* Milky-Way Size Dark Galaxies Found in Coma Cluster –“Enveloped by Something Massive” >>
* NASA Spacecraft Completes 60,000th Orbit of Mars >>

* The Real-Life Dangers of Augmented Reality >>
* Russia expanding arctic bases and adding antiship and drone batteries >>
* Instagram’s All-new Search & Explore Features Will Change How You Use Instagram >>

* Microsoft just made millions off a 14-year-old product it shut down a year ago >>
* Google just announced a new wristband that could change the relationship between doctor and patient >>
* We’re beginning to treat cancer in a whole new way >>

* More people have been forced to work part-time in this economy and that’s not going to change >>
* The next generation of Siri-like assistants will be robots living in your home >>
* Nanowire implants offer remote-controlled drug delivery >>

* iOS 9 can temporarily delete apps to make room for software updates >>
* You can now watch Periscope replays on the web >>
* Man builds giant computer at home >>

* AI not replacing, but augmenting, empowering humans >>
* Navy tests new aircraft carrier catapult >>
* Lenovo is the latest to hop on the PC-on-a-stick bandwagon >>

* Lawrence Livermore able to scale antimatter production with more powerful lasers’ >>
* Doping lithium-ion batteries to make them safer >>
* Scientists create synthetic membranes that grow like living cells >>

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