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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 June 2015

* Samsung reveals plans for new mirror and transparent OLED displays >>
* You can watch an 8K video on YouTube — in theory >>

* NASA tests a quicker way to predict destructive solar storms >>
* Intelligent Oven is powered by a Tegra K1 ARM chip, has a camera for food selfies >>
* Airbus’ Adeline Project Aims to Build Reusable Rockets and Space Tugs >>

* New Pizza Hut boxes transform into smartphone movie projectors >>
* Mercedes-Benz unveils personal power storage plants >>
* MERS Virus’s Ability to Jump from Animals to Humans Puzzles Scientists >>

* New sensor to detect cancer, HIV, hepatitis >>
* Here’s how the Siri of iOS 9 will push ahead of Google Now and Cortana >>
* Sharp’s new 4K televisions run Android TV >>

* First visit to Pluto could rewrite the solar system’s story >>
* Samsung Smart TVs get PlayStation Now game-streaming service >>
* Glass found on Mars hints at signs of past life >>

* Augmented reality promises ‘superpowers’, and people are listening >>
* 75-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Soft Tissue Suggests Ancient Organic Preservation May Be Common >>

* What We Can Learn From The Beautiful Death Of A Star >>
* Vodafone returns to broadband with ‘Connect’ >>
* NZ has highest levels of voice ID sign-up in world >>

* Wi-Fi signals can do rough head counts >>
* Congress: We Didn’t Know the FBI Was Creating a Small Surveillance ‘Air Force’ >>

* Microsoft’s Surface Hub pen display costs from $6,999 to $19,999 >>
* The 11 deadly sins of product development >>
* Of Course Space Exploration is Worth the Money >>

* Beachcomber Finds SpaceX Rocket Wreckage in Bahamas >>
* Huge Supersonic Parachute Ripped to Shreds in NASA ‘Flying Saucer’ Test >>
* Implant Fights Stroke, Tinnitus by Retraining the Brain >>

* The Forgotten History of How Bird Poop Cripples Power Lines >>
* An Autonomous Camera Picks Its Shots >>
* Startup Sentent can link one million processors from excess data center capacity for deep learning artificial intelligence >>

* Progress to Mine Seawater for Lithium >>
* Scientists to talk ‘Star Wars’ in Google+ Hangout >>
* Real Jurassic World not far from reality? >>

* Virtual-reality display allows stroke patients to spontaneously recover use of paralyzed arm >>
* Powered Prosthetic Legs Work Better by Tracking EMG >>
* Quantum Dots Enable Next Generation of LED Lighting Systems >>

* Samsung’s New Smart Mirror Displays Want To Dress You Up >>
* Japan Plans to Explore Martian Moons With Asteroid-Probing Tech >>
* New Solar Storm Forecast Gives Over 24 Hours Warning of Disruption >>

* This 8K YouTube Video Is Too Amazing For Your Computer >>
* SpaceX’s New Hangar Is A Mammoth Gateway To The Stars >>
* 75 Million-Year-Old Blood Cells Found in Dinosaur Fossils >>

* MIT Team Creates Ultracold Molecules >>
* Platinum ‘nano-raspberries’ may hold the key to methanol fuel cells >>
* SpaceX Wants Permission To Test Satellite Internet >>

* The Year That Was And Will Be In Mobile Payments >>
* MIT –“Strange, Exotic States of Matter Never Observed in the Physical World” >>
* The Mystery of the Brand-New Bay Bridge’s Corroded Steel >>

* Quora: Can a human and a horse produce offspring together? >>

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