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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 June 2015

* Oculus reveals its consumer Rift VR headset >>
* Dubai360 present the world’s first 8K 360 degree video >>
* Android’s Upcoming Camera App Might Choose Your Best Shot Automatically >>

* Oculus Shows Flagship Games Like Space Shooter EVE Valkyrie, Will Invest $10M Into Indie Titles >>
* I strapped on a harness to fly in a virtual world >>
* Sex Dolls That Talk Back >>

* The US Could Run Exclusively on Renewable Energy By 2050 >>
* Windows 10 will allow apps to actively scan their content for malware >>
* Why easyJet is banking on VR, drones and 3D printing >>

* Build a Tiny, Foldable Raspberry Pi-Powered Pocket Computer >>
* Why learning in your sleep is an idea that’s reawakening >>
* How Is Creativity Differentially Related to Schizophrenia and Autism? >>

* Classifying cat pictures could lead to smarter computers >>
* Why your new credit card is different than before >>
* Collision tech summit is moving to New Orleans >>

* Meet June, a Smart Oven That’s Actually Smart >>
* Augmented reality promises ‘superpowers’, and people are listening >>
* A ‘Fitbit’ for the brain tries to improve your focus >>

* Nasa finds evidence of serial black hole eruptions >>
* Facebook Messenger added 100 million users in the last three months >>
* Injectable Electronics Give Neurology a Shot to the Brain >>
* Implantable brain electronics is here >>

* A critical step to ultra-high-speed all-optical data transmission >>
* This Octopus Robot Has Tiny, Squishy Tentacles >>
* This Tangled Mess Is Helping Scientists Study the Early Universe >>

* Is The Future Of Home Automation A Simple Black Cube? >>
* Humans Never Existed In The First Furry Teaser For Disney’s Zootopia >>
* Latest on CRISPR and genomics starting with compression of full genome data by over 1 million times and thousands of fold progress on CRISPR genome changes >>

* Sir Christopher Lee dies at 93 – latest reaction and tributes >>
* Sir Christopher Lee’s best on-screen moments >>
* Count Dooku, Count Dracula Saruman actor has died >>

* 70 more intelligence related genes found >>
* Machine Vision Algorithm Chooses the Most Creative Paintings in History >>
* Thrusters on Soyuz Spacecraft at Space Station Fire Unexpectedly >>

* Milky Way Map Pins Down Our Galaxy’s Arms >>
* DARPA Robotics Challenge: Amazing Moments, Lessons Learned, and What’s Next >>
* Google’s new Sidewalk Labs will try to use breakthrough technology to solve urban problems >>

* Ramez Naam on Singularity 1 on 1: The Future Isn’t Set In Stone! >>

* Oculus Rift will ship with Xbox One controller >>
* Here’s A Close Look At The Oculus Rift And The Oculus Touch VR Controllers >>
* Oculus Unveils Consumer Rift Headset With Xbox One Controller >>

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