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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 June 2015

* Online test to tell if you will live beyond next 5 years >>
* Memories can survive cryogenic preservation, study >>

* SpaceX asks to test broadband in SPAAACE >>
* New Technology Claims It Can “Hover” Buildings Before Earthquakes >>
* Half a billion for BLOODY BIG telescope in Chile >>

* Anti-cheating Drone Will Hover Over Test-takers In China >>
* Google search on iOS now works like it does on Android >>
* Facebook’s lean Android app is less than 1MB in size >>

* Artificial DNA can evolve to expertly pick out cancer cells >>
* Cheap blood test reveals every virus you’ve ever been exposed to >>
* First evidence of how parents’ lives could change children’s DNA >>

* Hands-On With Doppler Labs’ Here Active Listening System >>
* Microsoft To Release Low-Cost Windows 10 With Bing Branding >>
* These wall warts are actually full Windows PCs >>

* Facebook Lite Is A Stripped Down Android App For The Developing World >>
* Android TV Gets Over 600 New Apps To Choose From In The Play Store >>
* Google now offers amazing underwater Street View images >>

* Software to spot extremism among pupils >>
* Facebook Messenger is becoming its own maps app >>
* This MIT robot competing at the DARPA Challenge can use a drill, open doors and even see >>

* Google Brings New Street View Imagery To 40 Remote Islands And Underwater Locations >>
* Windows 10 upgrade will allow clean installs on the same device for free >>
* SpaceX wants to launch internet-beaming satellites >>

* Prototype of HP’s futuristic ‘Machine’ coming next year >>
* Windows 10 with Bing could make way for cheaper Windows gadgets >>
* A new study suggests that global warming continues to steadily increase >>

* Supercharged Large Hadron Collider Tackles Universe’s Big Questions >>
* Frenzy-Feeding Black Hole Makes Galaxy Most Luminous >>
* Female “Viagra” could be approved today: what you need to know >>

* Solar impulse plane stuck in Japan one week for repairs >>
* Scientists grow a functioning limb for the first time >>
* Periscope update adds interactive map >>

* Preview Apple’s new IOS9 >>
* Flying five times the speed of sound? X-51 tests make it possible >>

* World’s first ‘digital drug’ that can lift your mood >>
* Blood type may determine Alzheimer’s risk >>
* Watch This Robotic Teddy Bear Hug Sick Children in Hospitals >>

* Nasa’s ‘flying Saucer’ Will Test Supersonic Landing From The Edge Of Space >>
* This Startup Wants To Put A 360-degree Virtual-reality Camera On The Space Station >>
* SpaceX Has a Radical New Invention Idea >>

* Conceptually Viable Brute Force Radical Life Extension by Swapping All Old Cells for Young Cells >>
* A Manned Mission to Mars: How NASA Could Do It >>
* Graphene Coating Could Save Millions in Power Plant Energy Costs >>

* Cheap Lidar for Automatic Braking >>
* Welcome to the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals >>
* Transplantable bioengineered rat leg which is proof of method to regenerate human limbs >>

* CRISPR/Cas9 gene therapy efficiently suppresses hepatitis B virus in mice >>
* ‘Brainprints’ could replace passwords >>
* Hardware Startups Take on Lupus, Asthma, Infertility, Night Terrors >>

* This Blood Scan Reveals Every Virus That’s Ever Infected You >>
* What Would Happen If All Our Satellites Were Suddenly Destroyed? >>
* Flying five times the speed of sound? X-51 tests make it possible >>

* What will Apple do with Apple TV? >>
* Nichelle Nichols, Uhura on ‘Star Trek,’ Suffers Mild Stroke >>
* Your Brain Waves Could Replace Passwords >>

* Laughing and crying my way through the new Google Photos >>
* Sony reveals SmartBand 2 wearable with heart rate monitor >>
* This mobile Star Wars game is a prequel to The Force Awakens >>

* Toilets in elevators? The new Japanese idea that isn’t as crazy as it sounds. >>
* The 25 jobs that robots are least likely to take over >>
* Apple is going to have a tough time convincing you to control everything in your home >>

* MIT reveals how its military-funded Cheetah robot can now jump over obstacles >>
* The Future And You–June 3, 2015 >>

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