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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 October 2019

* Virgin Orbit plans to send cubesats to Mars as early as 2022 >>
* Waymo tells riders that ‘completely driverless’ vehicles are on the way >>

* Apple removes Hong Kong protest app following Chinese pressure >>
* Google pulls Hong Kong protest game for violating rules against ‘capitalizing on sensitive events’ >>
* Robocalls, selfies and privacy gone wrong: The worst of a decade in tech >>

* POD Mark Zuckerberg; Biohub with Joe DeRisi and Steve Quake discussion in my series on future of technology and society. >>
* POD Machine Learning for Operational Analytics and Business Intelligence >>
* POD UploadVR launching a weekly video podcast, Thursdays at 10:30AM PST >>
* DEVOPS Getting Your Web Apps Ready For The California Consumer Privacy Act >>
* TED How Were Using DNA Tech To Help Farmers Fight Crop Diseases >>

* G20 leaders will discuss raising taxes for big tech firms next week >>
* Congress will grill Mark Zuckerberg over Libra October 23rd >>
* Disney+ has another subscription deal: three years for $5 per month >>

* Pixel 4 launch in 5 days: All the Google event rumors and what we know so far >>
* The State of Machine Learning Frameworks in 2019 >>

* For first time more people are dying in UK each year than babies being born >>
* Chrome will use AI to describe images for blind and low-vision users >>

* Wi-Fi Hotspot Tracking >>
* Scientists reverse core symptom of schizophrenia in adult mice >>
* There’s a ‘revolving door’ at Amazon, insiders are ditching retail behemoth to expose inner workings >>

* The technology, devices, and benefits of the growing remote patient monitoring market >>
* Opera’s Desktop Browser Gets Built-In Tracking Protection >>
* How to Deal with Constantly Feeling Overwhelmed >>

* Unix Passwords, Remote Foo, Text Graphics, and AI in AppInventor >>
* Fighting climate change with new data >>
* Google avoids serving repeat ads with machine learning >>

* Critical Remote Code Execution Flaw Fixed In Popular Terminal App For MacOS >>
* Volvo’s electric XC40 will use an Android infotainment system >>
* Toyota’s e-Palette will transport athletes during the 2020 Olympics >>

* Printing Electronics Directly on Delicate Surfaces—Like the Back of Your Hand >>
* New method visualizes groups of neurons as they compute >>
* Next-Gen AR Glasses Will Require New Chip Designs >>

* Dyson kills its electric car project and turns to solid-state batteries >>
* Lab-grown meat could be on store shelves by 2022, thanks to Future Meat Technologies >>
* US adds Chinese surveillance giant Hikvision to trade blacklist >>

* Verizon CEO warns against separate 5G standards, saying the world would suffer >>
* Consumer Reports finds Tesla’s Smart Summon ‘glitchy’ >>
* Google Maps is getting more detailed spoken walking directions >>

* Amazon workers may be watching your Cloud Cam home footage >>
* Amazon Music starts rolling out its Apple TV app >>

* Transforming infrastructure operations for a hybrid-cloud world >>
* The Fearful Mind >>

* You probably score worse than monkeys on questions about the world >>
* Plans for UK’s first moon rover announced >>
* Mini organs grown from tumour cells can help us choose the best chemo >>

* Apple may launch its AR headset with third-party help early next year >>
* 5 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence is Important to You >>
* Puppet to start pulling a few strings in the cloud-native world with Project Nebula >>

* Ditch Chef, Puppet, Splunk and snyk for GitLab? That’s the pitch from your new wannabe one-stop DevOps >>
* Watch Astrobee’s First Autonomous Flight on the International Space Station >>
* SpaceX Super Heavy Grid Fins Will Be Welded Steel Instead of Titanium >>
* Envisioning the Future of Urban Transportation >>

* Power Grids and Satellites Are More at Risk from Extreme Solar Storms Than We Thought >>
* NASA Wants to Encourage Private Space Stations >>
* Mars Attacks! BBC Unveils ‘War of the Worlds’ Trailer >>

* Longer life, flying, mind-bending drugs: Dreams that science made real >>
* Cold-blooded mammals roamed Earth for tens of millions of years >>
* Engineers put Leonardo da Vinci’s bridge design to the test >>

* How to Deploy to Several Orchestrators and Be Happy (or Not) >>
* Broken >>
* My New Book, Why I Wrote It, and Where the Money Will Go >>

* California’s climate dystopia comes true >>
* Future Meat Technologies to build lab meat production facility >>
* In first, Israeli company grows meat in space >>

* More Than 4,000 People Died From Measles in World’s Largest Outbreak in Congo >>
* Handling JSON Data in Python >>
* How to Avoid a Negative Climate Future for the World’s Oceans >>

* In an about-face, Apple removes Hong Kong protest map app following China backlash >>

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