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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 08 October 2019

* Electric Roads Could Be a Path to a Driverless Future >>
* Microbial life might drift in the atmospheres of failed stars >>
* The key to a long life may be genes that protect against stress >>

* “Human Compatible” is a provocative prescription to re-think AI before it’s too late >>
* Book Human Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control >>
* The Web’s Closed Hell Future and The Hope of A New Decentralized Internet >>

* California cracks down on political and pornographic deepfakes >>
* Big ISPs Worry DNS-Over-HTTPS Could Stop Monitoring and Modifying of DNS Queries >>

* Artificial blood developed for patients of any blood type >>
* Nobel prize for medicine goes to discovery of how cells sense oxygen >>
* 150 successful machine learning models: 6 lessons learned at >>

* Scientists observe a single quantum vibration under ordinary conditions >>
* Why Companies Do “Innovation Theater” Instead of Actual Innovation >>
* PlayStation 4 update delivers 16-player parties and Android Remote Play for all >>

* Microsoft Will Model the Entire Planet For ‘Breathtakingly Lifelike’ New Flight Simulator >>
* Screen Addiction, Data Viz, Algorithmic Bias, and Tools for Thought >>

* Life Beyond Kafka With Apache Pulsar >>
* The Complete Kubernetes Collection [Tutorials and Tools] >>
* How to Do a Docker Deployment >>
* [Deep Dive] Docker, Kubernetes, and Microservices for Small Teams >>

* 22 Reasons Why Test Automation Fails For Your Web Application >>
* Using the GitLab REST API to Create a Git Projects >>
* Robotics start-up Geek+ is leading China’s push into smart logistics to support e-commerce, manufacturing >>

* Mars’ vast saltwater lakes evaporated around 3.3billion years ago according to rock samples studied by NASA Rover >>
* Homeland Security’s new biometric database can identify people through scars, tattoos and even their voice – as well as store fingerprint and facial recognition data >>
* WW3 to break out over deepfake intelligence ‘fabricated as pretext to strike’ >>

* Addicted to Screens? That’s Really a You Problem >>
* Russian hackers modify Chrome and Firefox to track secure web traffic >>
* Cloud Covered: What was new with Google Cloud in September >>

* Stevens’ Prototype ‘Quantum Lock’ May Foreshadow the Next Super-Secure Applications >>

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