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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 October 2019

* Google is reportedly testing a 5G version of the Pixel 4 >>
* Sony Patent Filing Reveals Unseen PSVR Design With Mix Of Tracking Tech >>
* Israeli company grows meat in space >>

* 16 Minutes on the News #11: CRISPR! Policy, Platform, Trials >>
* Google lets you move music around its smart speakers with ‘Stream Transfer’ feature >>

* Rwanda just released the first smartphone made entirely in Africa >>
* Andy Rubin shows off phone with a ‘radically different formfactor’ >>
* Eureka Robotics’ new robotic arm is designed for optical lenses and mirrors >>

* Germ transplant helps women with tough-to-treat vaginal infections >>
* How Old Is Your Brain? This AI Can Tell You >>
* Nobel prize in chemistry goes to developers of lithium-ion batteries >>

* Skirt or jeans? Now AI can Offer you styling advice >>
* AI Pioneer Wants His Algorithms to Understand the ‘Why’ >>
* Creating an AI-First Business with Andrew Ng >>

* 4D Bioprinting Smart Constructs for the Heart >>
* Boeing to Invest $20 Million in Virgin Galactic >>
* Moon 2024: NASA Wants Ideas for Lunar Spacesuit Tech >>

* Automation and economic disparity: A new challenge for CEOs >>
* The risk-based approach to cybersecurity >>
* The Bioprinting Revolution: Accessible 3D Printing to Transform Cell Culture >>

* China Is Forcing Tech Companies to Choose Between Profits and Free Speech >>
* China Says ‘Stay Tuned’ for Retaliation Over U.S. Tech Blacklist >>
* Is Apple helping HK rioters engage in more violence? >>
* China attacks Apple for allowing Hong Kong crowdsourced police activity app >>
* MIT is reviewing its relationship with AI startup SenseTime, one of the Chinese tech firms blacklisted by the US >>

* MIT-IBM developed a faster way to train video recognition AI >>
* A Machine Learning Classifier Can Spot Serial Hijackers Before They Strike >>
* Microsoft adds per-app time limits to its parental controls >>

* SpaceX May Launch Crucial Crew Dragon Abort Test Next Month >>
* You Can Watch a Plane Drop a Rocket to Launch a NASA’s ICON Space Weather Mission Tonight >>
* UK launched passport photo checker it knew would fail with dark skin >>

* What to expect at the Made By Google event next week >>
* The Economy Keeps Growing, but Americans Are Using Less Steel, Paper, Fertilizer, and Energy >>
* 5G facilitates smart healthcare >>

* 800,000 Californians could be without power by the end of the day >>
* NASA is finally poised to launch a satellite to better understand space weather >>
* Robot real estate agents coming soon to sell your house >>

* Fastest Self-Driving Cars at 175 MPH >>
* From Mainframes to PCs: What Robot Startups Can Learn From the Computer Revolution >>
* Rooftop Solar is Also Off in a Power Outage >>

* Surgical Tubing Connecting Shoes Helps Running More Than DARPA Soft Exoskeleton >>
* BT’s gonna make us all ‘realise the potential of tomorrow’ Non-Indian call centres >>
* Report: Apple’s AR headset will launch early next year >>

* After several disappointing quarters, Chinese EV maker Nio’s sales surge >>
* Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass will be totally different stores >>
* California Bans Political Deepfakes During Election Season >>

* Data Playbook, Global Politics Meets Tech, ML Models, and Lock-free Programming >>
* How Engaged Is Your Team, Really? >>
* Facial recognition tech >>

* European risk report flags 5G security challenges >>
* Exclusive: A deeper look at the Playstation 5 >>
* PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Project Scarlett: Everything We Know About Next-Gen Consoles >>

* The Periodic Table of Elements in the age of nanotechnology >>
* Facebook’s AI uses schemas to teach robots to manipulate objects in less than 10 hours of training >>

* Ken Thompson’s Unix password >>
* Automated Root-Cause Analysis >>
* Handling JSON Data in Python >>
* JSON manipulation and transformation tool >>

* Value Stream Management and the Next Decade of DevOps >>
* Videos DevOps Enterprise Summit, London June 25 – 27, 2019 >>
* Videos IT Revolution >>
* Automation Testing vs. Manual Testing >>

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