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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 October 2019

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* With apocalyptic black hole event, Fortnite’s storytelling has grown increasingly ambitious >>
* Leaked Fortnite Chapter 2 trailer provides a first glimpse at the new island >>
* World’s Biggest 3D-Printer Makes World’s Biggest 3D-Printed Boat >>

* Researchers Prove Humans Are Still Better Than AI at ‘Angry Birds’ >>
* Blockchain Architectures for Scaling Applications >>
* Crypto, The Future of Trust >>

* Apple responds to reports that it sends user traffic to China’s Tencent >>
* Apple’s Safari Browser Is Sending Some Users’ IP Addresses To China’s Tencent >>
* Apple Under Fire Over Sending Some Users Browsing Data to China’s Tencent >>

* Uber lays off another ~350 across Eats, self-driving and other departments >>
* San Francisco Wants to Require Companies To Get Permits Before Rolling Out ‘Emerging Technology’ >>
* Create a Subdomain Dynamically Using AWS Route 53 and Node.js >>

* Foodvisor automatically tracks what you eat using deep learning >>
* Apple offers three-month TV+ trial to ‘Emmy’ magazine subscribers >>

* Startup Wants to Store Grid Energy by Lifting Concrete Blocks >>
* Next year, new space missions will test technologies to fix busted satellites in orbit >>
* Radar in Central Otago will help reveal size of space junk problem >>

* Why Getting Your Digital Transformation Story Right Is Key To Changing Workplace Culture >>
* Uniti’s quirky three-seater EV costs less than $19,000 >>
* Disney is tweeting everything that’s coming to Disney+ >>

* YouTube’s AR Beauty feature lets you try on lipstick by tapping ads >>
* Faraday Future founder files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy >>
* The next Big Tech battleground is your ears >>

* Google Pay will soon work with major public transit cards >>
* The Unix Game >>

* China’s new cybersecurity rules ban foreign companies from using VPNs to phone home >>
* Building China’s Comac C919 airplane involved a lot of hacking, report says >>
* Computer Files Are Going Extinct >>

* Forget Gen Z. This Is Generation Surveillance. >>
* Planting Tiny Spy Chips in Hardware Can Cost as Little as $200 >>
* China Built a Flying Saucer >>

* This Drone Footage Of A Blue Whale Next To A Boat Is A Good Reminder Of How Mind-Numbingly Big They Are >>
* Why We Love Docker and Best Practices for DevOps >>
* AI Bias Adds Complexity To AI Systems >>

* A Smart Bike Helmet That Has An LED Turn Signal >>
* Stealth fighters join PLA air force ace unit >>
* ‘The Simpsons’ predicted Greta Thunberg’s climate change speech in 2007 >>

* New trailers: Jungle Cruise, Pixar’s Onward, a new Walking Dead spinoff, and more >>
* Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL preview: More than meets the eye >>
* When Your Teenage Robot Can Drive >>

* Welcome indoors, solar cells >>
* Factoring 2048-bit Numbers Using 20 Million Qubits >>
* SpaceX gives South Texas homeowners more time to consider buyout offers >>

* AI is changing our approach to medicine and the future of healthcare >>
* Digital dystopia: how algorithms punish the poor >>
* Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft will embark on its first-ever unpiloted test flight to the International Space Station this December >>

* This ‘Smart’ Bed Accessory Will Rock You to Sleep >>
* Outsourcing, Automation, and the Future of Business Scalability >>
* Original Content podcast: For better or for worse, ‘The Politician’ is absolutely bonkers >>

* Original ‘Fortnite’ map vanishes in a cataclysmic event >>
* India’s Reliance Jio unveils video call assistant to help businesses automate customer support >>
* How to Get Noticed by Your Boss’s Boss >>

* How AI and Data Could Personalize Higher Education >>
* Google teams up with Yubico to build a USB-C Titan Security Key >>
* Can A New TED-Ed Video Series Teach Students To ‘Think Like A Coder’? >>

* 8 CEOs on their mindfulness practices >>
* Biggest Spacecraft Ever to Fall Uncontrolled From Space >>

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