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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 October 2019

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* World’s Largest 3D Metal Printer Is Churning Out Rockets >>
* Video Friday: Kuka’s Robutt Is a Robot Designed to Assess New Car Seats >>
* Digital Anarchist Live: DevOps Enterprise Summit, Las Vegas, October 28-30, 2019 >>

* Sundar Pichai, Marc Andreessen, and other Silicon Valley leaders paid tribute to late Sequoia Capital founder Don Valentine >>
* Use The Pixel 4’s ‘Live Caption’ Feature To Transcribe Muted Videos >>
* Sony’s $2,900 robotic dog AIBO will soon be able to turn on microwaves, vacuum cleaners and bark when washing machine is done >>

* AI Podcast; Clean Sweep: Tokyo Robotics Company Builds Tidying Robots >>
* How a U.S. military raid killed the Islamic State’s leader >>
* Windows 10X leak reveals a mix of desktop and mobile interfaces >>

* Algorithms Will Be ‘Driving the Majority of Facebook News,’ Says Facebook >>
* Mark Zuckerberg makes the case for Facebook News >>
* NASA’s VIPER rover will look for water ice on the Moon in 2022 >>

* After Two Years Air Force’s X-37B Space Plane Finally Lands >>
* 3-D printer can build meter-tall objects in just a few hours >>
* 3-D printing, bioinks create implantable blood vessels >>

* Automated gardener ushers in new era of ‘robotony’ >>
* Algorithm identifies cancer patients in need of advance care planning conversations >>
* Can solar technology kill cancer cells? >>

* The Drones Are Coming! How Amazon, Alphabet and Uber Are Taking to the Skies >>
* Lightweight AI Tracks Suspects Between Cameras >>
* Build a Long-Distance Data Network Using Ham Radio >>

* NASA Curiosity rover snaps a stunning selfie on Mars after scooping up soil >>
* Facebook AI can ‘hide’ people from facial recognition >>
* Learning Implicit Generative Models by Matching Perceptual Features >>

* London’s top consumer VCs share which trends they’re tracking >>
* ‘Avengers Damage Control’ is the ideal VR follow-up to ‘Endgame’ >>
* Nearly 7.5 Million Adobe Creative Cloud Users Exposed To Hackers >>

* A.I. Tool Suggests Ways To Improve Your Outfit >>
* Security Researcher Gets Access To Thousands of Automatic Pet Feeders By Xiaomi >>
* VC Ben Horowitz on WeWork, Uber, and one cultural value his employees can’t break >>

* Deep inside the brain: Mapping the dense neural networks in the cerebral cortex >>
* Directed-energy weapon (DEW) full documentary >>
* Nasty PHP7 Remote Code Execution Bug Exploited in the Wild on NGINX Servers >>

* Focusing on customers and team mind-sets to deliver growth >>
* Reinventing the CFO for the digital age >>
* The mindsets and practices of excellent CEOs >>

* It Was Supposed to Be the Safest Building in the World. Then It Cracked. >>
* Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile to replace SMS with RCS Messaging in 2020 >>
* Woman, 67, becomes China’s oldest new mother as baby girl is ‘given by God’, reports say >>

* Google’s Quantum Tech Milestone Excites Scientists and Spurs Rivals >>
* The Next Two Astronauts on the Moon Could Both Be Women, NASA Chief Says >>
* NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Stands on Its Own for the First Time >>

* ‘The Orville’ Promises ‘Huge,’ Battle-Filled Season 3 >>
* New trailers: Silicon Valley, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and more >>
* Facebook trained AI to fool facial recognition systems, and it works on live video >>

* Space may soon become a war zone – here’s how that would work >>
* 2019 NAMIC Global Additive Manufacturing Summit Day One >>
* Space: The Final Business Frontier | GIANT LEAP Ep. 1 >>

* Sunday assorted links >>
* Deep learning: Saving rainforests with TensorFlow >>
* Object Detection with 10 lines of code >>

* MIT engineers devise new way to remove carbon dioxide from the air >>
* The European SpaceTech industry is firing up its booster rockets >>
* Week in Review: You break it, you buy it >>

* New AI Tool Knows Whether You’re Nervous Or Confused >>
* Google Assistant is ready to find your Tile tracker >>
* The U.S. Air Force Will Invest in Low-Cost, Disposable Warplanes >>

* What is Everything-as-Code? Examining the Explosion of “as Code” Buzzwords >>
* Blockchain 2030: Prepare For the Deep Truth… >>
* 22 Reasons Why Test Automation Fails For Your Web Application >>

* This smart farm in Wuzhen is producing tomatoes that get tender-loving care courtesy of a 5G network >>
* Tesla unveils its easier-to-install Solar Roof >>
* UK set to allow Huawei in ‘non-contentious’ parts of 5G networks >>

* You’re Dying on the Street. A Drone Might Be Your Only Hope. >>
* Research and Rescue: Saving Species from Ourselves >>

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