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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 November 2017

* NHS starts offering GP appointments via video call >>
* iPhone X adoption is already outpacing the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus: report >>
* Building A.I. That Can Build A.I. >>

* Broadcom offers to buy Qualcomm for a record $130 billion >>
* What is Broadcom, and why is it trying to buy Qualcomm? >>
* Why would Disney want to buy a big chunk of 21st Century Fox? Netflix. >>

* From mHealth to smart homes, here’s how technology is improving China’s elderly >>
* Developing successful AI apps for the enterprise >>
* A distant planet could be tilting our solar system >>

* The chemical that gave rise to life on Earth >>
* Maths can make sense of Trump’s ‘madman’ North Korea strategy >>

* China will launch a reusable spaceplane in 2020 >>
* Uber rival Grab crosses 1 billion rides in Southeast Asia >>

* Flying COW drone provides cell service to Puerto Rico, voice, data and text services to 40-square-mile radius >>
* Intel squeezed an AMD graphics chip, RAM and CPU into one module >>
* Apple’s iPhone X Facial Recognition Will Revolutionize VR/AR Development >>

* Artificial intelligence aids materials fabrication >>
* Corkscrew light beams could lead to practical quantum computers >>
* Jeff Bezos’ guide to life >>

* Beijing builds the world’s largest oil platform: ‘Blue Whale II’ >>
* What’s holding back VR? >>
* Universal vaccine could target flu virus ‘stalk’ >>

* New techniques give blood biopsies greater promise >>
* Salesforce to offer more customized AI with myEinstein >>
* Making Job-Training Software People Actually Want to Use >>

* How a Matchmaking AI Conquered (and Was Exiled) from Tinder >>
* Neuroscientist David Eagleman and composer Anthony Brandt explain how creativity works >>
* Album+ organizes photos with A.I. that runs on your phone, not in the cloud >>

* Dinosaur mass-extinction let mammals come out in the day >>
* Sex robot Samantha could be mass produced in Wales >>
* Disney has been in talks to buy parts of 21st Century Fox, reports say >>

* A Future Glimpse into Human Healthcare and Medicine, with Stephen Minger >>
* 7-year-old girl used her bionic hand to pitch at the World Series >>
* Amazon Cash, the service that lets you use cash to shop Amazon online, arrives at 7-Eleven >>

* China plans to launch a re-usable ‘space plane’ that flies into orbit from a traditional runway in 2020 >>
* Tiny Human Brain Organoids Implanted in Rodents >>
* Google’s Ray Kurzweil compares the effect AI will have on humanity to World War II – but says we’ll survive >>

* Self-driving cars ‘will transform the lives of the elderly >>
* India’s space observatory accomplishes X-ray polarisation >>
* Facebook launches person-to-person payments >>

* Startup Wiliot Promises No-Battery Bluetooth Beacons in 2019 >>
* Every nerve cell of a zebrafish’s brain monitored at the same time to identify alertness neurons >>
* China spending $100 billion to start addressing severe water pollution >>

* Origins-of-Life Researchers –“Find ‘Missing Link’ That May Have Led to Life on Earth >>
* Alien Planets Can Reveal Clues to Their Stars’ Insides: Here’s How >>
* Throttling Up Ion Thruster Technologies >>

* Origami drone could deliver to hard-to-reach places >>
* Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple classic monopolies and need new rules to curb power >>

* Star Wars Battlefront 2 | Release date, gameplay trailers >>
* Jeff Bezos used to interview everyone at Amazon >>
* Jeff Bezos-backed warehouse farm will grow enough to feed 180,000+ people per year >>

* Amazon adds its own discounts to third-party seller products >>
* Oh, the places your blood will go after you donate it >>

* This fungus has over 23,000 sexes and no qualms about it >>
* The craziest concept cars unveiled in 2017 >>
* Soaring stockmarkets stoke fears of devastating crash >>

* Flow Patterns Around an Oscillating Piezoelectric Fan Blade >>
* Breakthrough Gel for growing large quantities of neural stem cells >>
* Leading Innovation and Design with Multiphysics Simulation >>

* Blood plasma infusions from young donors improves functional ability for Alzheimers >>
* Social media’s ugly power >>
* Apple: Display ‘burn-in’ could also affect iPhone X >>

* Humans Are Still Better Than AI at StarCraft >>
* PowerWatch, the body heat-powered smartwatch, starts shipping >>

* The Last Jedi’s Secrets Are Starting To Leak >>
* The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spinoff Is Coming >>
* Will Robin Wright Lead ‘House Of Cards’ Season 6? >>
* Amazon (and Netflix) Pursue a ‘Lord of The Rings’ TV Series >>
* Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Have Reportedly Set A Wedding Date, Already Drama >>

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