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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 July 2015

* 10 years, 3 billion miles later, spacecraft closes in on Pluto >>
* Everything You Need To See From This Year’s San Diego Comic-Con >>
* Star Wars The Force Awakens Comic Con Panel >>

* Ultrasound may heal chronic wounds, suggests study >>
* Chennai scientists nail glaucoma gene >>

* Sea Level Could Rise at Least 6 Meters >>
* Burst of light speeds up healing by turbocharging our cells >>
* Super-Magnetic Stars Forged in High-Energy Blasts >>

* Self-Destructing Mosquitoes Are Annihilating Wild Populations >>
* Scientists think they’ve found a way to stop hunger >>
* The next version of Google Glass will be more comfortable to use for hours at work >>

* Scientists developing plant vaccines could wean us off pesticides,key to feeding world >>
* Ditching RAM may lead to low-cost supercomputers >>

* Virtually Fly With Switzerland’s F-5 Demo Team Using 360 Video Tech >>
* ‘Free’ Windows 10 Now Looks A Terrible Deal >>
* Fly Along with New Horizons in this NASA App >>

* Vibrating Barrier May Protect Cities From Earthquakes, Where Other Anti-Seismic Devices Fail >>
* SpaceX Rocket Failure Cost NASA $110 Million >>
* Researchers Discover Sharks Living In An Active Underwater Volcano >>

* Boeing Patents Laser Nuclear Fusion Jet Engine >>
* Femtosecond lasers provide control of chemical bonding of molecules >>
* Gillmor Gang: WonderLust >>

* New Horizons Launch to Pluto >>
* It’s Showtime for Pluto; Prepare to Be Amazed by NASA Flyby >>
* New York State’s Paleontologist Seeks to Bring Prehistoric Era to Life >>

* Paramount movies get in-home streaming just 17 days after theatrical release >>
* Facebook Adds A Human Touch To The News Feed Algorithm >>
* Toshiba’s 3-D Magnetic Recording May Increase Hard Disk Drive Capacity >>

* Target bets on the smart home with new futuristic ‘Open House’ lab >>
* Hard Disk Of The Future Will Be Ten Thousand Times Faster, Researchers Say >>
* Microsoft Announces Public Preview Of Azure Data Catalog >>

* New plane cabin could force passengers to make eye contact >>
* Here’s How GPS Actually Works >>
* PRL-built telescope offers MAST view of sun >>

* `Mini ice age’ coming in next 15 years >>
* Exposed to passive smoking? Here’s a solution >>
* Startup says 32-hour-work week encourages ‘epiphany moment’ >>

* Video project – make great time-lapse movies >>
* Glasses That Help You Sleep Better >>
* Earth’s shrinking crust could leave us living on a water world >>

* Rolling Buddy robot may just kill you with cuteness >>
* Multiple Monkey brains and multiple rat brains linked into brainnets >>
* Self/Less movie features uploading … to an existing human body >>

* Skylon spaceplane developers reveal antifreeze method for the sabre hypersonic engine >>
* Squad level large wheeled robot, robot helicopter bot and combat lasers >>
* The Death of the PC Has Not Been Greatly Exaggerated >>

* Japan’s New Satellite Captures an Image of Earth Every 10 Minutes >>
* This Pixar Artist’s Homemade Robot Is Adorable And I Want One >>
* The World’s Largest Indoor Vertical Farm Is Being Built in New Jersey >>

* How the Brain Makes Memories: Scientists Tap Memory’s Neural Code >>
* A graphene-based molecule sensor >>
* Philosopher Jason Silva Explains What Creativity And Inspiration Actually Are >>

* Vortex Is A Toy Robot That Teaches Kids How To Code >>
* Neuroscientists create organic-computing ‘Brainet’ network of primate brains >>
* Autodesk Robotics Lab >>

* NASA Selects Astronauts for First U.S. Commercial Spaceflights >>
* Scientists Captivated By Pluto’s Emerging Geological Wonders >>
* The Sun Looks Far Out in X-Ray Light (Image) >>

* Ingredients for Earth-Like Planets Are Found All Around the Milky Way >>
* Monster Black Hole Spews Plasma in Incredible Time-Lapse Video >>

* Femtosecond lasers provide control of chemical bonding of molecules >>
* How to visually determine thickness at one-nanometer resolution by eye >>
* 3-D-printed robot is hard inside, soft outside, and capable of jumping without hurting itself >>

* Neuroscientists create organic-computing ‘Brainet’ network of rodent and primate brains — humans next >>
* The Capabilities of Nanomaterials in Textiles Continue to Expand >>

* Acoustic “Radar” Spots Stowaways Inside Metal Cargo Containers >>
* Sensors, memory switches, and circuits can be encoded in a common gut bacterium >>

* Scientists ‘Resurrect’ Woolly Mammoth Gene in Human Cell >>
* Precision Processing of Aerospace Components >>
* A graphene microphone and loudspeaker that operate at up to 500 kilohertz >>

* Terrifying See-Through Sleeping Capsules Hang 400 Feet Above Peru’s Sacred Valley >>
* 35 bits of Silicon Valley lingo that the rest of the world won’t understand >>
* Google Maps Can Now Send Directions From Your Desktop to Android >>

* Scientists Transform Skin Cells into Functioning Liver Cells >>
* 33 ridiculously cool buildings of the future >>
* ‘Terminator Genisys’ studied ‘dash cam videos of real car crashes’ to create this crazy Golden Gate Bridge sequence >>

* The Expanse Is the Show We’ve Been Wanting Since Battlestar Galactica >>
* The Major Theme Of The Flash Season 2: How A Superhero Deals With Fame >>
* Everything You Need To See From This Year’s San Diego Comic Con >>
* The Minority Report TV Show Looks Unintentionally Hilarious >>
* Comic-Con’s Behind-The-Scenes Footage of Star Wars: The Force Awakens! >>
* Harrison Ford’s Advice for the Next Generation of Star Wars Stars >>
* ‘Star Trek: Axanar’ Fan Film Kicks Fundraising into Warp Drive >>
* Live From Comic-Con! >>

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