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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 July 2015

* Facebook Ready To Test Drones That Can Deliver Internet At 10 Gigabits A Second >>
* Google’s Balloons Will Provide An Entire Country With Wi-fi >>
* The World’s Biggest Free Form 3D Printer Is Being Used to Build Houses >>

* Robotic Rhythmic Gymnastics Should Be an Olympic Sport >>
* ScopeAR Beams An Expert To You Through Augmented Reality >>
* Trouble waking up? This ejector bed should fix that >>

* Google Will Start Mapping Pollution The Same Way They Map Streets >>
* A Cardboard Skateboard Is Surprisingly Durable >>
* Watson Can Help You Treat Your Diabetes >>

* Military Drone Looks For Missing School Teacher >>
* I Can’t Stop Watching This Automated Ping-Pong Death Machine >>
* The World’s Longest Urban Gondola Is Growing Into a Huge Network >>

* Farmers Stumbled on Genetics That Stop Chickens Loving Their Offspring >>
* This Is How NASA Tests Planes for Safety >>

* How to uninstall programs and apps in Windows 10 >>
* Microsoft Office apps built for touch come to Windows 10 >>
* Women Significantly More Likely To Use 3-D Printers Than Men >>

* The Best Windows 10 Features You Probably Haven’t Heard About >>
* IBM Watson wants to give you health advice from your local CVS >>

* Use Windows 10’s individual display scaling to perfect your multi-monitor setup >>
* Windows 10 App For Xbox One Could Render Steam Machines Useless >>

* How to Tweak Windows 10 and Fix Its Minor Annoyances >>
* NASA plans smart air traffic control for drones >>
* Can We Spot Soldiers at Risk for PTSD? >>

* Facebook reveals plans for drone-based Internet in the sky >>
* First impressions: ‘Angry Birds 2’ takes flight >>
* ‘Men are more prone to mouth cancer, women breast cancer’ >>

* Build a Readable Bicycle Computer >>
* Robots Reveal How Water Striders Jump on Water >>
* Sri Lanka is the first country to sign up for Google Loon >>

* Speed Record for Light-Emitting Quantum Dots Hints at Faster Computing >>
* Jets, rockets, and computer models will help a British team break 1,600 km/h >>
* Finding Earth 2.0: 100 Year Starship Public Symposium 2015 >>

* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* Ride Along With The Philae Lander As It Crashes Into A Comet >>
* Let’s Talk About NASA’s Mission to Europa >>

* Sri Lanka is the first country to sign up for Google Loon >>
* Researchers engineered a protein factory inside a living cell for the first time >>
* MIT: “An Interior Ocean May be Driving Geologic Activity on Pluto” >>

* Sun’s Nudge On Asteroids Can Trigger Earth-Hit… Or Miss | Video >>
* Should Scientists Be Looking for the Last Life-Forms on Mars? >>
* NASA Working to Avoid Traffic Jams at Mars >>

* This Super Tall, Super Thin Tower Was Built Just To Test Elevators >>
* Meet The World’s Most Controversial Inflatable Yellow Duck >>
* Apple TV with Siri and App Store could finally arrive in September >>

* Here’s what’s next for Windows 10 >>
* How did you get that job: designing a parachute for NASA’s Mars rover >>

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