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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 July 2015

* The Web-Connected Car Is Cool, Until Hackers Cut Your Brakes >>
* Fly-bag Could Buffer Planes From Luggage Bombs >>
* Glaucoma Drug Stops Tb From ‘deploying Its Weapons’ >>

* Honda unveils new Silicon Valley innovation lab >>
* The flying car drives closer to reality >>
* Finally, a viable vaccine for Malaria, but can only fight one strain >>

* Drug companies eye ‘superhuman’ genes >>
* Soon, smart windows to control heat, light >>
* Have scientists found the key to eternal life? Discovery of how to switch off ageing process in worms could lead to mechanism being delayed in humans >>

* Windows 10, Day One >>
* I Installed Windows 10 and Now I’m Talking to My Computer >>
* Microsoft’s Windows 10 Store app will finally sell some decent games >>
* DirectX 12 FAQ: All about Windows 10’s supercharged graphics tech >>
* Windows Search Doesn’t Suck Anymore >>

* Scientists Identify Sixth Taste: Fat >>
* A Breathtaking View Of Pluto’s Hazy Atmosphere >>
* Remote Control of a Car, With No Phone Or Network Connection Required >>

* Watch This Swarm of Simple Robots Do Surprisingly Complex Things >>
* Futuristic brain probe allows for wireless control of neurons >>
* Project Free Tv Streaming Site Shuts Down >>

* NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers Exoplant closest to being like Earth >>
* New Pluto Color Images And Unexpected Atmospheric Discovery | Video >>
* Galaxy Graveyard May Be Overflowing with Dark Matter >>

* Earth’s ‘Older Cousin’ Orbits Sun-Like Star | Video >>
* China Building World’s Largest Radio Telescope–“Will Search for Intelligent Life Outside of Milky Way” >>
* Ripple at Edge of the Milky Way –“Reveals Veil of Dark Matter Cloaking a Dwarf Galaxy” >>

* Stretchable Conducting Fiber Provides Super Hero Capabilities >>
* Video Friday: Atlas Kicked, Tea-Brewing Robot, and Rodney Brooks’s Giant Brains >>
* VIDEO: Baseball Goes High Tech With Wearables for Pitchers >>

* Futuristic brain probe allows for wireless control of neurons >>
* Could ‘Windbots’ Someday Explore the Skies of Jupiter? >>
* Nanostructured Glass Can Switch Between Blocking Heat and Blocking Light >>

* Ridiculously Elastic Conductive Fibers for Stretchable Circuits >>
* Controlling the Police Cameras >>
* How Next-Generation Fabrics Will Keep You Cool in Summer Heat >>

* World’s First Malaria Vaccine Takes Another Step Forward >>
* Adam Sandler Has Never Ruined A Movie As Much As He Ruins Pixels >>
* Watch planes cut straight through Paris by flying on top of a street >>

* Dogfights Of The Future Will Be Unmanned >>
* Hypersciences Wants To Drill Into The Earth With A Huge Gun >>
* Pluto is Something Way More Awesome Than a Mere Planet >>

* Personal Robots: Artificial Friends with Limited Benefits >>
* Learning to cope with work in future >>
* Beam Of Light To Brain Turns On Stress In Mice >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 July 2015

* NASA discovers first near-Earth-size planet in the habitable zone around a Sun-like star >>
* Windbot Could Float Through the Clouds of Jupiter >>

* Hackers Commandeer a Moving Jeep >>
* Comet PanSTARRS, Moon, and Venus >>
* Visualization Scientist Robert Hurt Takes NASA’s Space Images And Makes Them Beautiful >>

* Scientists Want To Use Drones To Capture Whale Snot >>
* New Evidence That Sending People to Prison Makes Crime Worse >>
* App Used 23andme’s Dna Database To Block People From Sites Based On Race And Gender >>

* The Application Builder – Revolutionizing the Simulation Industry >>
* Skype Translator Likes to Swear in Chinese >>
* Apple patent shows TV remote with fingerprint scanner, smart home capabilities >>

* A Programming Language For Self-Organizing Swarms of Drones >>
* 3D-printed DNA ‘bunnies’ could deliver drugs into your body >>
* Engaging With the Sci-Tech of Self/Less’s Sci-Fi >>

* Menopause Moves Fat To Women’s Hearts >>
* Most Americans Live In Poverty At Least Once >>
* Android TV Review: Just What Your TV Doesn’t Need >>

* ADT and Nest team up to make the smart home more secure >>
* The personal value of IoT is all about connections >>
* So, Um, Starbucks May Be a Big Player in the Future of News >>

* Deep neural network program recognizes sketches more accurately than a human >>
* Scientists Are Hoarding Data And It’s Ruining Medical Research >>
* Easy DNA Editing Will Remake the World. Buckle Up. >>

* Why is the Scale of the Universe so Freakishly Large? >>
* NASA Finds Closest Earth Twin Yet in Haul of 500 Alien Planets >>
* Exoplanet Kepler-452b: Closest Earth Twin in Pictures >>

* Earth’s ‘Older Cousin’ 60 Percent Bigger (And That’s A Good Thing!) | Video >>
* Astronomers Spot a Intriguing ‘5-Star’ Multiple System >>
* ULA Delta IV Rocket Launches July 23 with USAF High Capacity Satcom: Watch Live >>

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