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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 July 2015

* IBM breaks 10nm barrier For faster, lighter computer chips (7nm, 20 billion transistors) >>
* Researchers Harness the Power of Networked Brains in Monkeys and Rats >>
* It’s Comic-Con Time! Here’s How to Follow Us the Whole Weekend. >>

* Freescale Solid State RF Power Innovation Enables Disruptive New Concept for Cooking at Home >>
* Collaborative Photography App Allows Smartphones to Record “Bullet Time” >>
* Facebook is making it easier to declutter your News Feed >>

* Genomic Data Growing Faster Than Twitter and YouTube >>
* Switzerland Has Started Testing Mail Delivery Drones >>
* Omnidirectional wireless charging up to half a meter away from a power source >>

* NASA developing technology for exploring lunar caves and volcanic tunnels >>
* We have lift off! 3D-printed robot jumps six times its height >>
* The $200 video doorbell you access via an app http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2015/07/07/find-out-whos-at-the-door-from-anywhere-with-ring/29830159/? >>

* AI algorithm learns to ‘see’ features in galaxy images >>
* 9-megapixel Omnidirectional Camera with Intelligence Features >>
* Scientists Demonstrate Animal Mind-Melds >>

* Doctor you: Home diagnosis gadgets are here for real >>
* Vertical Farming Is Coming to the Garden State >>
* The Problem of Artificial Willpower >>

* Third generation space telescope 1000 times better than Hubble >>
* Swiss ‘Pac-Man’ Satellite to Gobble Up Space Junk in 2018 >>
* 5 Million Miles from Pluto >>

* Watch This Fellow Drive a Ranger Rover With a Smart Phone >>
* BAE Wireless charging of soldier gear can reduce batteries and weight carried by soldiers >>

* 3D-Printed Explosive Jumping Robot Combines Firm and Squishy Parts >>
* IBM Pushes Deep Learning with a Watson Upgrade >>
* Ancient Exoplanets Raise Prospects of Intelligent Alien Life >>

* IBM makes chips with ‘smallest components’ >>
* IBM Discloses Working Version of a Much Higher-Capacity Chip >>
* You won’t buy IBM’s 7nm chip, but it’s a big deal for computing >>
* IBM achieves 7 nanometer chips using EUV lithography and strained silicon germanium >>

* The 7 Drivers Of The $150 Billion AR/VR Industry >>
* Russia Plans New Interceptor and Carrier-Killer Nuclear Submarines by 2020 >>
* NASA Assigns 4 Astronauts to Commercial Boeing, SpaceX Test Flights >>

* The Empire Strikes Back: Disney wins battle for StarWars.co.uk from Brit biz >>
* This Flashy Smart Ring Let Me Put My Goddamn Phone Away >>
* Computers Might Take Crowdsourced Science Away From Us Too >>

* Vodafone tests Ericsson Radio Dots on corporate big cheeses >>
* Microsoft Band lets developers build apps that tap RSS feeds for content >>
* New Windows 10 build 10166 squashes bugs, adds Microsoft Wi-Fi access >>

* The Activity Tracking Watch, Now Knows When You’re Swimming >>
* San Diego Comic-Con 2015 starts now! Here’s how to follow the big news >>
* Pluto.TV is the best cord-cutting app you’re not using >>

* TWC robo-calls customer 153 times, now owes her $229,500 >>
* Microsoft finally gets real about HoloLens’s field of view >>
* Volvo concept replaces front passenger spot with a rear-facing baby seat >>

* Video Feature: Protect Your Smartphone Data With Some Fortifications >>
* The $200 video doorbell you access via an app >>

* New laser tech to sniff out cancers, diabetes >>
* This Is Why Gen X Will Never Be Able to Retire >>
* How Diabetes Harms the Brain >>

* You’ll be able to try Apple’s iOS 9 starting today >>
* Will We Really Be Able To Model The Entire Human Brain Within 10 Years? >>
* Linux Creator Linus Torvalds Laughs at the AI Apocalypse >>

* Meet The First Commercial Space Crew In NASA’s History >>
* First Look At Axanar, The Star Trek War Movie We’ve Waited Decades For >>
* New-age Audi TT’s special digital dash >>

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