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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 July 2015

* Oculus just acquired a company that can mirror your hands in VR >>
* Gun-Firing Drone Raises Some Eyebrows >>
* Intel’s 2016 Chip Line-Up Will Put Moore’s Law on Hold >>

* Transparent Paper Produces Power With Just a Touch >>
* Why Machine Learning Is The Next Penicillin >>
* ReWalk Robotics’s New Exoskeleton Lets Paraplegic Stroll the Streets of NYC >>

* Two Great Photovoltaic Materials Brought Together Make Better LEDs >>
* Robotic Construction Gets Fancy at ETH Zurich’s Digital Fabrication Lab >>
* Weyl Fermions Found, a Quasiparticle That Acts Like a Massless Electron >>

* Breeding improvement in animals insight into genetic enhancement for humans, looks positive for superintelligence >>
* Tiny Brain Clumps Offer New Clues into the Cause of Autism >>
* Plastic Roads Sound Like a Crazy Idea, Maybe Aren’t >>

* 50 Miles on Pluto >>
* Nanospheres safely deliver high chemotherapy doses to attack tumors >>
* Continued destruction of Earth’s plant life places humankind in jeopardy, say researchers >>

* Memory-loss case ‘like nothing we have ever seen before’ >>
* Antineutrino Detectors Could Be Key to Monitoring Iran’s Nuclear Program >>

* New Chips Provide a Spark for Wireless Charging >>
* What Would An E. Coli Do If It Were Much, Much Bigger? >>
* Saving The Planet Could Save Your Life >>

* Drone Footage Shows Massive New Border Fence Between Hungary and Serbia >>
* This Biotech Discovery Means You’ll Never Need a Painful Flu Shot Again >>

* The first virtual reality TV show might be based on The Last Starfighter >>
* This speedy hands-free wheelchair was built out of Segway parts >>
* Oculus buys Pebbles Interfaces to put a more personal touch on VR experiences >>

* Microsoft updates Windows 10 preview weeks ahead of final release >>
* Facebook wants you to shop inside its store pages >>
* This 50-million-year-old worm sperm is a scientific treasure >>

* Moore’s Law slows and so does Intel, adding a third 14-nm ‘Kaby Lake’ chip to roadmap >>
* Microsoft’s super-thin foldable Bluetooth keyboard available for $99.95 >>
* Ovarian Hormones May Fuel Binge Eating Risk >>

* Small Distractions Can Have Big Consequences >>
* Gene therapy cures blindness by healing eyes and brain together >>
* Buckyballs in Space Solve 100-Year-Old Riddle >>

* Next-Generation Exoskeletons Will Meld Mind and Machine >>
* Discovered: the unique feature that makes human screams so awful >>
* Parents have more ‘actual’ friends online than non-parents >>

* Scientists fix rogue protein in mice that leads to Alzheimer’s, brain damage >>
* ‘Smart wine bottle’ can detect counterfeit wines >>

* Wi-Fi might charge our gadgets in the future >>
* Wine microbes can help make better chocolate >>
* How dogs see the world compared to humans >>

* Scientists just discovered 11,000-foot ice mountains, geysers and volcanoes on Pluto >>
* Humans: 1, Robots: 0 >>
* Running A Few Tests On Theranos: Can Elizabeth Holmes Revolutionize Diagnostics? >>

* The Exoskeletons Are Coming >>
* Charon’s Surprising, Youthful and Varied Terrain >>
* Will NASA Send An Orbiter or Lander To Pluto? | Exclusive Interview Video >>

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