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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 February 2015

* Watch Google’s New Small Dog Robot Take A Kicking And Keep On Ticking >>
* Google revamps results for 400 medical conditions >>

* SoftBank Will Help IBM’s Watson Learn Japanese >>
* Print your own phone from home >>
* How to Build a Better Entangled-photon Detector Array >>

* How a Wire Was Used to Measure a Tiny Force of Gravity >>
* An Electrode in the Brain Turns Off Depression >>
* “Bionic Leaf” Makes Fuel from Sunlight >>

* SpaceX, Air Force sign deal for landing pad >>
* Anki sends its toy racing cars into Overdrive >>
* Totally Autonomous Cars May Not Evolve From Semi-Autonomous Ones >>

* Why The Human Brain Isn’t As Special As We Think It Is >>
* Is the DIY Drone Movement About to Launch a Billion-Dollar Industry? >>
* This Printer Churns Out Complex Double-Layered Circuit Boards >>

* What 3-parent Babies Mean For The Future Of Reproductive Medicine >>
* Laser-controlled And See-through Brains Get Biomedical Prize >>
* The AI Revolution: How Far Away Are Our Robot Overlords? >>

* IBM’s Watson Stakes Out New Territory In Japan >>
* A Researcher Just Published 10 Million Real Passwords and Usernames >>
* Quantum Equation Suggests Universe Had No Beginning >>

* Understanding how to teach ‘intelligence’ >>
* Viral supercomputer simulations >>
* An encyclopaedic guide to the dark genome >>

* Can an App Spot Your Cancer? >>
* Raw: SpaceX releases video of crash landing >>
* Molybdenum Disulfide Shows Promise For High-Temperature Electronics >>

* Spot Is Boston Dynamics’ Nimble New Quadruped Robot >>
* Tiny soft robotic hands with magnetic nanoparticles could improve cancer diagnostics, drug delivery >>
* Google Glass app analyzes plants’ health in seconds >>

* Advanced additive manufacturing could enable planes that are 50% more fuel efficient >>
* How Much [X] Could You Eat Before It Would Kill You? >>
* US Navy 30 year ship plans include an aircraft carrier every five years >>

* South Korean woman’s hair ‘eaten’ by robot vacuum cleaner as she slept >>
* New Sleep-Tracking Wearables Help Solve Real Medical Problems >>
* No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning >>

* DARPA to Begin Testing Satellite-Launching Fighter Jet This Year >>
* SpaceX Dragon Capsule to Leave Space Station >>
* DSCOVR Launch >>

* Apple hits $700 billion >>
* Booze can affect your hips: Experts >>
* New Algorithm Can Help Plan Your Pee Breaks Better On Road Trips >>

* Artificial Spider Silk Might Be Better, And Easier, Than Milking Spiders >>
* Google I/O slated for late May in San Francisco >>
* The Fridge Tracks Your Perishable Food on Your iPhone >>

* SpaceX again scraps second attempt to test pioneering Falcon 9 reusable rocket >>
* Tokyo is spending over $300 million to promote ‘hydrogen fuel’ – here’s what that means >>
* Scientists announce the strongest evidence yet that dark matter is lurking in our galaxy >>

* Android Sales Are In Decline For The First Time Ever >>
* Heart of Earth’s inner core revealed >>
* Can we make a benign AI? >>

* ‘Smart’ insulin hope for diabetes >>

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